I know I’d promise thought provoking material, and sooner or later I’ll get to that. I just feel the need to type somethin’ in this huge unused space here….

Went to the boy’s second to last T-ball game tonight. Very, very trying…………he’s trying to pay attention, and I’m trying not to take this too serious. Don’t get me wrong. The sport is good for the little mans body, and “team ethics” as it were. There are alot of good things to be learned from the game. I don’t however go nuts over the Cardinals, and have a hard time here lately seeing any kind of relevance to the professional game. There are so many other important things I wish 30000 people would get so exited about.

The mayor of an Ohio city gathered this week with a huge throng to sing a song pitifully begging Lebron James to stay in their city. I mean really!!? His city and state are going bankrupt, and the only thing people are worried about is basketball? Granted, I’m sure it’s a huge revenue producer for the city. After all, I don’t think the mayor wanted to show off his singing voice. But how is it that when there is an election, city counsel meeting;or hell in my case a union meeting people won’t gather to make decisions about what most directly affects them and their family? We have 100 painters in our local, and we are usually lucky to have 10 show up. If we’re voting on what our pay raises are going to be, we may see 30………..30. To vote on their paycheck. People really need to rethink this whole professional sports thing. OMG, and the World Cup!? Don’t get me started. If I hear the word Vuvuzela one more time I’m going to pop!!

I was going to bitch on about a couple of other things, but this is already too long. I’ll be back soon. With more aggravating annoyances, and my bloviating.  Funny, that word still doesn’t work right with the spell check. Ah well, fuck vocabulary any damn way!