Ok, so I’ve not officially released this to the world yet, as if anyone cares. However, when I do there are some things you should know.

1. I have completely given up on “mainstream” news and media for that matter.

This does not mean I have become ;

a. A Fox news contributor.

b. A hardcore left-wing nut-job hell bent on saving the planet.


c. A money grubbing corporate whore who’s just in this for the money. (We have none.)

2. I feel that there should be alternatives to popular memes and ideas that spread at the speed of light, and diminish just as quickly.

What I am doing is perpetuating an idea that I have seen promulgating the web lately in the form of “new” or “independent” news and media sources.

I will not do it as well as them, and am probably stupid for putting any of their links here for fear of losing any audience I may gain by doing so. But hey, the idea is to get people to think for themselves so I will. Any links I post here will not always necessarily be complete fact, but I do somewhat believe that, in some cases, once in awhile, sometimes……perception is reality. How’s that for concrete facts? Anyway if you’re here then you are obviously combing the web for some bit of truth in your own mind. I’m building a mental repository of linked images to paint a mental Picasso of the big picture here. So, without further adieu, let the construction begin.

Some things to listen to …..

Current Events:

No Agenda



This Week in Tech

Security Now


NPR Science Friday

Not to listen but worth a look:

John C. Dvoraks’ Blog

These people are what makes my brain hurt. If you’re into that sort of thing you should check it out, and stop wasting so much time on Facebook.

BTW don’t forget to check in here once in awhile;)

Ok then, bye-bye now,