So I’m chattin’ on the Facebook with a musical buddy o’ mine today and came upon a video released by yet another musical buddies band. So I watch the video again. Nice. I’m happy for my pal, even if he does have to play a vampire in the vid. So, I check out the song and it turns out it’s a cover. That’s cool, I play in a cover band. Now the origional has been around for a long time, and has been remade at least 17 times.


Now here’s where it gets me going.

I have a website. I like to promote my buddies. This is what I do. So, I want to link the vid into my blog and lo and behold I hit the button that should say “censorship”. Instead when I clicked it, it read: “embed” and informed me that:”Embedding was disabled by request.” Who’s request? Not the fans, they would be happy to paste this all over the web. Just like me.

So I started to comment, and soon realized I would quick run out of room. Below is as far as I got……

[Why is it that I can’t embed this @ my site. I would call it free advertising, hosting and distributing, and I don’t even want a cut. I could manage my own “copy” and do it myself, but that would be against the rules huh? All for a song that’s been remade multiple times by multiple bands. I’m no fan of True Blood, vampires or any other commercial corporate whoreish pursuit, and didn’t even know of this tune until Seasons After did it. I do remember Lost Boys, but not the song. ]

……..and this is what I wanted to finish…..

Here I am tryin’ to legitimize a song that honestly is not the best of Seasons After, nor the best version I’ve heard (see vid below, remember, not a fan of True Blood) and I’ve been hit with the ridiculous hammer of copyright on the internet. They don’t get it. If it’s on the web we can get it. I don’t need to embed from youtube, there are sooooo many ways around that. But again, that would be illegal and fly in the face of the thing I was trying to do in the first place: Promote my buddies’ band. You don’t want my help free of charge, fine. I won’t break my back tryin’ to do it. I’d rather spend my time typin’ this anyway. I hope whoever is runnin’ the show over there realizes that the fans should come way before the paycheck, because without them, there is no paycheck. I wish the guys all the best and hope they can see the big picture. And for my bud,

Jimi, don’t let these corporate bastards allow you to lose sight of what is true and real in this world brother.Take care.

BTW, I really dig this version…..fuck the video and True Blood.

See ya on the other side,