It only took them 9 years, two months, countless books, radio shows and thousands of architects and engineers to finally put this shit up on the mainstream news. Maybe now we can finally have a discussion about this thing without being called lunatics. Anyone with half a brain, who can read can’t see the obviousness of this massive magic trick. I was there in the city 2 days before 9/11, and I returned to work at JFK 2 weeks later. The site was still billowing black smoke into the air that could be seen for miles. 2 weeks. That was enough proof for me right there, something I can personally point to as evidence. It started a journey for me, and countless others to figure out what really happened that day. If you are still addicted to chasing towel-headed ghosts through foreign deserts, you need to check out the link below the video. If you don’t feel like taking the time, then just go ahead and keep on giving up our rights in the name of fighting “terrorism”.  If you do, and any of this opens your mind in the least, I’ve got some bad news. The truth only gets worse from here. Once you start down the rabbit hole, you will start to realize that we live with alot more lies than any of us really want to admit. 9/11 is the tip of the iceburg, and it’s high fuckin’ time we all took our heads out of our asses, before we have no ability to ever know the truth of things again. Anyway, happy watching/reading, and have a nice day…………

This will make your wheels turn. Take time to watch it all, you would make as much time for the damned Transformers movie, you might as well learn somethin’ whilst growing into your couch.

There are 11 more portions to the film.

Just Youtube “Loose Change :Final Cut”

If you bothered to watch it, let me know in the comments here. Don’t feel alone. There are alot of people who think things every day that they are to scared to mutter. It’s time to break the silence, and start acting like Americans, not sheep. Think for yourself, and the truth will set you free……..