\Real Music. Wires strewn about in nets of impossible tangles. Lights blue, red , green and  yellow glaring in every direction, blinding and bouncing in the room full of smoke. The smell of a hundred people all smiling and sweating and laughing. Floor slick with the party, sticking to my boots, while that one dances to their own tune. The crack of a bad cable through a speaker too loud. The unforseen portion of song that no one planned on but came out just fine. The verse that was missed, and the break that came together perfect. The swell of energy at the peak, and the forever crash that seems as though it will never end. The screams and hollars and whistles that I wish could go on forever. Electrical tape, duct tape, a stand made from things found around. A band held together only by these things that pitch and yaw like a roller coaster, and the two notes ringing on in perfect unison like the buzz of a bad ground mixed with the butterflies in my stomach just before the first note that cuts through all the bad things and comes out true and honest every time……..