To think that this is a bad guy without ever even hearing the whole story is well, just dumb. To be angry about Wikileaks for exposing “top secret” documents, is saying that what is in them is something that shouldn’t be told. If it’s something that shouldn’t be told, then it’s probably something that shouldn’t have been done in the first place. Obama got elected spouting on about “Transparency” and everybody got behind the idea.What a raging lie. In rides Wikileaks, fulfilling the promises of  transparency, and  now it’s like seeing the sun for the first time and immediately it has to become about “National Security”.  It’s like Nicholson said, “You can’t handle the truth!”. Well the truth is ugly, and here are more “alternative” news organizations finding out the truth about Julian Assange. I suggest you read up. CNN/FOX/NBC/ABC etc. are being fed lines. Palin had crosshairs on his head from the time the words “Top Secret” were uttered. This guy is not out to tell the Iranians what type of rifles we just came up with, he is pointing out the collusion of government and corporate America. This is why he’s so popular, why they’re so pissed, and will stop at nothing to smear, detain, or even silence this guy. Here’s almost 9 interesting minutes on the mess…….


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