Q: You know what’s cute and hilarious at the same time?

A: When a five year old thinks you “vecum” the carpets to clean them, and a “vokno” erupts and lava goes everywhere.


She did get “Six” and “hat” right!



On the flip side and not so amusing:

When the five year old lives in China and is tasked with Quality Control of the rear panel of your new electronic equipment.


I’m not sure if this is an issue of translation, or if Sloth from the Goonies was the one typing out the copy here……..

This was for a car cassette adapter to 3.5mm plug (say for an ipod or what-have-you…).


I guess “INSERT/PLUG IN” was just too minimalist.



Welcome to the “new normal”. Gee, this globalization thing is great huh?



In other news………..

……my customer care agent over at my phone company,( “BoB” we’ll call him) for the ninth time ; “wood jus liyke to vedify my info one last time ‘bro. Great, thank you. 3 minuts please……”.



I guess sometimes, you just get what you pay for.

I have to go read some books with the kids……..