Wow, I mean come on. There’s just too much goin’ on here.

Japan repeatedly caught lying about the severity of the nuclear catastrophe.

The Obama administration goes to war without even mentioning it to congress.

The US government heading for another shutdown.

I don’t even know where to start. So, in order then…….


Now more than two weeks after the mega-disaster in Japan, control of the six nuclear facilities has not been gained. From the first day of the catastrophe, the information coming from the government and TEPCO (Tokyo Electric and power company) has been slow at best, and downright false at worst. How long before the world deems them incapable of dealing with the problem, and takes control of the situation once and for all? Am I the only one who sees a problem with six (6) 30-year-old reactors sitting immediately adjacent to one another, filled with 600,000 used fuel rods stacked on top of them? This should be a wake up call people. We have a large number of these reactors in our own country and are in the process of building more of them. Watch the video below and ask yourself how comfortable you would be living in the vicinity of one…..

This was the number 3 reactor. The one full of Plutonium and Uranium. Used weapons grade Plutonium has a half life of 26,000 years. The stuff from this reactor is not going away folks………

Moving right along……….

The Nobel Peace Prize winner’s war……….

Obama has put us in another military engagement. I’m just gonna get right to the reasons I absolutely and emphatically disagree with this.

1. The President of The United States does not have the constitutional authority to take our country to war without the express declaration of congress, unless we face an immediate, clear and present danger to the people of this country. It’s in the constitution, look it up. All this does is show us unabashedly that global governance is here, and these people have no regard for the laws or nationalism of this country of ours. The U.N. cannot be allowed to dictate our policy.

2. We as a country are bankrupt.  We are bankrupt for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have gone on for ten plus years. Both were started on false pretenses and waged only in this writers opinion to make billions for contractors in logistics, infrastructure, and largely security. Let’s also not forget the strategic placement of vast oil reserves in Iraq and Libya, and rare earth minerals and a huge natural gas pipeline in Afghanistan. Oh, yeah….there’s also the huge crops of poppies used to make not only heroin, but most of the prescription pain medication pushed by big pharma that this country consumes like candy.

3. This is not a humanitarian mission. Please someone explain to me how you save people by bombing them. The strafing of innocent people has not been proved, and repeatedly disproved. The “peace and democracy loving” rebels we are defending in Libya are armed by us, and want democracy no more than the CIA front that is Al-Qaeda we are supposed to be battling in the other two countries.

What is not in doubt is that, since the uprising, various al-Qaida spokesmen have surfaced to condemn Gaddafi’s dictatorship and call for the creation of an Islamic state. And last week Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, a prominent Libyan rebel leader, admitted to an Italian newspaper that many of the jihadists who had fought allied troops in Iraq were now fighting to overthrow Gaddafi’s regime.

And finally…….

We’re still headed for a devaluation people.

None of this has made our big problems with the economy go away.

The Federal Reserve continues to pump it’s $600 billion into our economy with the sexy moniker of QE2. Quantitative Easing. Let me break it down people. Let’s say you have a $100 economy just for and example. If all stays the same with this circulation, every dollar is worth 1. Now if you use Q.E. and add another $100 to the economy, each dollar now has the value of one half, or $.50. So when you pump in an extra 600 billion into our economy, you devalue the dollar. This is why gas, milk, building materials, and everything else seems to be rising. Well, it is not. We are falling. Just got a raise? No you didn’t, you most likely aren’t even keeping pace with the inflation.

The bad news? Well, we are trying to plug holes in a sinking ship. The only reason we can print money is that we have the sole advantage of holding the worlds reserve currency. That is a whole other conversation, but the point is this……If we ever lose that privilege on the world economic stage, we go from first to last Ricky Bobby. It would be ugly.

Meanwhile, congress is quick approaching the deadline to once again raise our debt ceiling in this country to keep our merry-go-round a’ spinning. With this kind of plan, sooner or later the music has to stop people.

Our whole lives we’ve been trained to sit down and shut up. Don’t offend, fall in line. Things will be just fine. Well, it’s a lie. We are being herded into a pen of oppression and tyranny, and if we don’t make a damn big move soon we will find ourselves at the point of no return. Time to discuss politics and religion in the bars, at the parties, work, and every other opportunity we have to speak out to people about these problems. If we do not, we may soon lose the right to do so. Below is my flag. It is yours as well. If it or it’s ideas has ever meant anything to you, I have to tell you……now is the time to defend it.