We sit today on what seems like imminent financial disaster in this country, and we ponder ways to cut the national budget and reign in the deficit. How can we cut money from the budget? Well, it seems to me we are missing the point.

Republicans will tell you that we must get control of these unconstitutional “social programs”. This is why I’ll not be accused of being a republican. I think medicare, social security, and unemployment compensation are very worthy programs and are a great example to the rest of the world how we can take care of our people in their time of need. The republicans are leaning on these programs as the only way out of our hole that we’ve dug. This is total BS, and the clip below will show that we’ve forgotten the big problems here. More on that in a minute.

What we need to be talking about first and foremost is this…………

Total cost of wars since 2001


This number grows so quickly that by the time you read this, the figure will be WAY low. By the way that is trillion, and it is not even accounted for yet in the budget. Fun huh? A realtime counter is here.

Let us not forget the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP that got this all started. The media love to throw around this $700 billion number as if it were the actual figure. The fact is that the banking sector put this number up to represent what the taxpayer could possibly lose in the deal. The federal reserve has actually issued a blank check with our money. So, while you’re thinking about that, (and why it is you can’t get a loan) maybe you are wandering where this money has actually gone.

Well a good long article on just one of these corrupt institutions can be found here, and it’s puts some facts in the audio that is below. Apparently most of Wachovia’s liquid assests were tied up in…….wait for it…………Mexican COCAINE!!!!!! War on drugs indeed. Nice to know we’re takin’ care of Pedro the Mexican drug lord, whilst proposing ways to cut grandma’s health care subsidies. Amazing how this just got blown right over in the press, and now it seems that the bank will get away with it. These people need to be thrown in a dungeon and chained to the wall to rot.

http://www.fallinoffthewagon.com/Wachovia Laundering.mp3

Oh and for levity’s sake, and lest we find it to easy to forget: