Went to the Old Rock House last night to see The Reverend Horton Heat live, for my first time. Absolutely fuckin’ AWSOME!!!! Had tickets since x-mas from some good friends (Thanx Nate n Ang!) and it was definitely worth the wait. If you’ve never experienced a psycobilly show before, the Rev is a sure fire good time. Opening for them were Reverend Peytons Big Damned Band: an odd mix of drummer, a woman playin’ the shit out of a flaming washboard (yes, really on fire!) and Peyton playin’ a mix of guitars with resonators (See “Dobro”). You may notice the absence of a bass player, which Peyton quickly showed us was not a problem as he played many bass melodies whilst also pickin’ out the guitar parts “chicken pickin'” style. Impressive.

Any lack of bass in their show was quickly made up for when JIMBO took the stage with the Rev and his stand up bass, and proceeded to wail on it. Great show I definitely want to see again. Check the pix below……….