Ah the Morchella. Commonly known in Randolph county as the Morel mushroom. Seasoned, battered and pan fried, maybe the most delicious ‘shroom I’ve ever eaten. It’s the end of April, and the may-apples are out. About midway through this two week cycle, the yellows under the right conditions, start poppin’ their tops up. I just missed the blacks last week, which are tough to find.

This was from just one spot I saw just as I was comin’ out of the woods after about 3.5 hrs. Found one lone morel about 2 hrs earlier. Normally there is not just one. Wish I could have stayed a bit longer but, dinner was excellent last night!

Great day to be in the woods. This little guy let me hang pretty close and catch some pix.

Morels weren’t the only shrooms out. These look like “Elephant Ears” to me, but I’m no mycologist. Pretty sure we all eat morels because they’re pretty distinctive, unlike some ‘shrooms, which can kill you in 36 hrs. Yum.

I’m not sure I should shave these off and boil ’em in a stew ya know? Again, I’m no mycologist. Hell for all I know, these things cure cancer, but will probably just give you the shits……..

And some more fungi………

All in all a pretty great day to be in the woods. Sometimes it’s really cool to get back to nature and take it all in. There’s alot goin’ on that gets overlooked in our busy lives, and I for one am glad it’s there in all it’s glory.