Yes I’ve heard. Osama is done. Over. Caput. No more. Got it.

So I catch myself sitting here connecting dots, trying to decipher “reality” and realizing that what hasn’t happened, hasn’t happened yet. I know it’s nuts but stay with me. The more I trying to figure out what the true history of things are, the more time I take away from trying to decide what the future should be. We’re so busy trying to figure out who’s telling the truth of where we have been, we are fast running out of people who concern themselves with where we are going.

I always hear the question, “What exactly are we supposed to do about these things?” or “How can we make a difference?” Well first, we would need to know which things we want to change. War, hunger, ignorance? These come to mind for me. See, I’ve been reading now for the past 3 hours, and the great thing about it is this: It required relatively little energy to acquire multiple sources of information.

This is where the revolution begins.

The amount of information on my personal line of thinking regarding current events, was organically allowed to evolve over the past three hours, without interference of energy usage, or distraction. I didn’t have to traverse the land to find books on different subjects, spend gas money gathering information from various sources thus impeding my line of thinking and allowing a culmination of thought into a revelation.

The people of Thailand are on to something…….

While searching through seas of info on foreign policy, globalist oligarchy, corporate hegemony and deceit, I came across a blog mentioning this ancient Asian monarchy. It mentioned specifically it’s self reliance and ability after all of these years to not succumb to foreign colonial rule. By being self sufficient, it has proven it’s ability to grow with the modern world.

Where do we start to make these changes we’ve been looking for? Grow a garden. A big one. Chickens, cows, fish, fowl and critters of the woods. Stop relying on Wal-mart. I know, it’s a very tall order. The big idea here is shifting back to local economies and social structures. The city is not the answer, the city is the problem. At some point in the not too distant past, we decided to leave the farm in pursuit of more meaningful lives in a badly lit cubicle producing, well…..nothing. There is far too much human potential in this world to be spending it making useless toys for happy meals that are sometimes poison, or creating derivatives out of thin air to enrich those who can’t be  happy with “all” the money in the world. We are victims of our own lifestyle and until we decide to produce as a society physical things to help with our societies problems, we will continue to agitate them. When we meet someone new, we have to go from: “What do you do?” to: “What do you make?”

So anyway, I know that stuff has nothing to do with today’s headlines. Neither does the following video, but it is where I have come to tonight. Watch it and let your own mind wonder a bit, and I promise to be back with more shredding of the OBL headlines soon………