Well, here we go again. Now let me say this first. I’ve known many good cops, but as we progress through this culture of police state even they seem to becoming more and more indoctrinated.

Today on the front page of the Philadelphia Daily News was Mark Fiorino, standing with his .40 Glock holstered to his left side. He was openly and legally carrying the firearm for personal defense after some friends had been mugged, and walking to a local Auto Zone to get some parts for his car. His trip was cut short by an obviously less than well trained Philadelphia peace officer who accosted him with the words “Yo, Junior, what are you doing?”.

The public servant said this while pointing his service revolver directly at the man. Shortly thereafter the cop threatened to shoot him.

After various profanities and threats on the part of the officer, backup arrived and this is when the attitude on the part of the officers involved becomes heinously apparent.  Mark Fiorino was most well behaved and co-operative. After threatening him with arrest, cuffing him and further harassing him he was set free. Only after a post of the audio recording (that was found on the scene…) from a device in was in Fiorinos’ pocket was posted on Youtube, did the District Attorney’s Office decide to charge Fiorino with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct. A spokeswoman said, “he refused to cooperate with police”. This will be shown to be complete garbage in the audio recording below…….

What does it take to wake people up? Do people have to start dying? Maybe something like this happens to your friend or maybe your family member. Maybe they don’t take it as well as Mr. Fiorino, and end up dead, with only the excuse by some crooked cop that he was threatening him. These things are important. They are our rights as Americans, following the law. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness…remember? They should be defended like a lioness would her cubs. Ferociously. The more we look the other way and bury our heads in the latest nonsensical distractions and ignore what it is that is happening, the quicker we become, well……. less than American.

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