An anchor of satellite TV channel RT America’s political show Adam VS The Man, Adam Kokesh was arrested on Saturday during the silent dancing flashmob at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, RT said in a statement on Sunday.

Kokesh, along with the other participants, was arrested after he had started silently dancing at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial protesting the U.S. District court’s decision that imposes a ban on dancing within the memorial.

In 2008 a group of people celebrating Thomas Jefferson’s birthday by dancing in silence at his memorial was dispersed by the police with one woman arrested on misdemeanor charges. A year later, following the case, U.S. District Judge John Bates approved a ban on dancing at the memorial, “in order to maintain an atmosphere of calm, tranquility, and reverence.”

RT said the participants of the flashmob were handcuffed and thrown to the ground “in what seems to be a clear violation of their right to free-expression.”

In a protest against the ban the activists created a public event profile on Facebook, urging to join the next Silent Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial on June 4.

“We need to stand firm and let the state know that we will not be intimidated. This is a peaceful, silent protest and is protected under our right to free speech,” activists said, adding that the police’s actions were “an infringement on the right to express ourselves under the 1st Amendment”

The U.S. Constitution’s first amendment ensures the freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

MOSCOW, May 29 (RIA Novosti)

How’s this for police state? Dancing? Kissing? Really? Unbelievable. I’m surprised the whole place didn’t erupt into riot. Below Adam Kokesh responds on RT and makes mention of CBS being there. No wonder we are silent sheep, the mainstream media will not touch this kind of thing with a stick. The wave is building………..I wonder if the cops are smart enough to stand down when 2000 people show up next weekend. We shall see.