A bit belated but here’s some pix of the weekend….

Lots o' Sailboats

Kids had a blast, didn't even notice there was no TV


This guy was fearless, at one point he charged me! Then he smelled me, and I think that may have run him off.


Nice little spot.

Chloe of the Rocks

Carter of the weeds, more on that later.....


A rare talent, being able to nap while standing......



Queen of the rocks, who also incidentally, rocks.


All and all a great weekend to be outside.

Had a great time at Carlyle Lake. The kids had a blast and we’ve found out the answer to the riddle….”Which one of you kids are allergic to poison ivy?” Carter ended up with a pretty bad case, but I’m here to report as of today, it is gone and he in fact did not scratch himself to death. Met some cool people, ate good food enjoyed nature, and miraculously managed to not forget anything we would need for the weekend. (Except the grill, but we didn’t even make it out of town before remembering so that won’t count….) Not too crowded, nice pool and kid friendly. We’ll be back there.