It turns out that the word “liberal” is not actually the devil himself. Instead, it’s actually derived from the term “classical liberalism” and has nothing to do with the modern connotation given it by the likes of Fox News, and today’s Neo-Cons. The definition actually more resembles the ideology of today’s Tea Party, and loosely that of the Republican party (wich changes with the wind I might add) and is as follows….

Classical liberalism is a philosophy committed to the ideal of limited government, liberty of individuals including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets.

Hmm. Those seem to be “Conservative” ideas. Isn’t that weird?

This philosophy is based on the teachings of some of the greatest minds throughout history, and is based on The Seven Liberal Arts. These are also known as the Trivium, and Quadrivium respectively. They are what is missing from modern education, and their absence could help explain what some call the “dumbing down of America”.

Funny how these things work. It seems everything made for consumption by the masses has been turned on it’s head and actually means the opposite of the truth. Just look at the names they give to bills in Congress these days.

Doublespeak is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms (e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs), making the truth less unpleasant, without denying its nature. It may also be deployed as intentional ambiguity, or reversal of meaning (for example, naming a state of war “peace”). In such cases, doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth, producing a communication bypass.

Let me see……Patriot Act, Travel Safety Administration, preemptive military action, peace keeping operation, humanitarian mission, hope and change, etc.etc.ect.

Some would say that George Orwell would be proud, referring to his novel 1984 , but that would be an error….

The word actually never appears in that novel; Orwell did, however, coin Newspeak, Oldspeak, duckspeak (speaking from the throat without thinking ‘like a duck’) and doublethink (holding “…simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them…”)

The point is we are constantly fed a complete line of BS, and seem to be accepting it more and more without thinking critically about what is being proposed. We just gobble it up hook, line, and sinker. Worse, we regurgitate it right or wrong at light speed out to the net.  There are numerous examples of these lies, and it could amount to a stand alone post, but here are a few examples of the big ones. These represent what are known as false flags, and have been used for a very long time throughout history to initiate political and military maneuvering under the guise of some contrived “emergency”.

The Gulf of Tonkin:

The incident that initiated our full scale involvement in Vietnam.

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, or the USS Maddox Incident, are the names given to two incidents, one disputed, involving North Vietnam and the United States in the waters of the Gulf of Tonkin. On August 2, 1964, the destroyer USS Maddox, while performing a DESOTO patrol, was engaged by three North Vietnamese Navy torpedo boats of the 135th Torpedo Squadron.[1] A sea battle resulted, in which the Maddox expended over 280 3″ and 5″ shells, and which involved the strafing from four USN F-8 Crusader jet fighter bombers. One US aircraft was damaged, one 14.5mm round hit the destroyer, three North Vietnamese torpedo boats were damaged, and four North Vietnamese sailors were killed and six were wounded; there were no U.S. casualties.[5]

The second Tonkin Gulf incident was originally claimed by the U.S. National Security Agency to have occurred on August 4, 1964, as another sea battle, but instead may have involved “Tonkin Ghosts”,[6] and not actual NVN torpedo boat attacks.

The outcome of these two incidents was the passage by Congress of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which granted President Lyndon B. Johnson the authority to assist any Southeast Asian country whose government was considered to be jeopardized by “communist aggression”. The resolution served as Johnson’s legal justification for deploying U.S. conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam.

In 2005, an internal National Security Agency historical study was declassified; it concluded[7] that the Maddox had engaged the North Vietnamese Navy on August 2, but that there may not have been any North Vietnamese Naval vessels present during the incident of August 4. The report stated:

[I]t is not simply that there is a different story as to what happened; it is that no attack happened that night. […] In truth, Hanoi’s navy was engaged in nothing that night but the salvage of two of the boats damaged on August 2.[8]

Desert Storm  (First Gulf war), 1991:

Hussein asked for permission from the US [to invade Kuwait](via their ambassador April Gillespie) and got an answer that the US does not care about Arab quarrels. That was a trap, and after Saddam occupied Kuwait, George Bush Sr. mobilised a coalition of some 40 nations to “liberate Kuwait” and to smash the recently-built Iraqi military power base. This also involved a media hoax, where the daughter of Kuwaiti US ambassador played nurse on TV and testified to “witnessing” Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait.

Operation Iraqi Freedom:

We all remember “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD’s), Al-Queda in Iraq. Both turned out to be lies. And until I’m otherwise convinced, along with the heading “Afghan War”, 9/11.

Enduring Justice (Second Gulf war), 20.3.2003-: later known with less irony as Operation Iraqi Freedom The claimed reason of the attack was that Iraq was a clear and present danger to the US with wmd’s available within less than an hour after the decision to assemble them has been made. Since no wmd’s were found, and after the Iraqi also scrapped some 800 long range Scud style missiles before the US coalition attack, the reason for the invasion was changed into “bringing the democracy into Iraq”.

The Underwear Bomber:

Reports show that Abdulmutallab was led onto the plane by a “sharp dressed man” later revealed to be a government agent, despite the fact that he had no passport or identifying papers. Shortly after the incident we were given full body scanners from Rapiscan Systems (Chaired by the former head of Homeland Security Micheal Chertoff) and the now infamous Travel Safety Administration. Jobs indeed. More here….. from the witnesses.

The Times Square Bomber:

This fizzling scare tactic also helped reinforce the notion that we must tighten security (at the cost of our liberties of course) and has numerous intelligence agency fingerprints on it. Paul Joseph Watson put it bluntly:

A man arrested in Pakistan in connection with the Times Square car bombing attempt who had traveled with accused bomber Faisal Shahzad is a member of a terrorist organization that is controlled by British MI6 and the CIA.

He seems to have crossed all of his T’s in this article with a multitude of link support.

Operation “Fast and Furious”:

This one is current, and unfolding. It seems that the ATF, Justice department, Attorney General, and others (how high could this go?) figured it would be a good idea to hand thousands of assault rifles to Mexican drug cartels to “trace” the disbursement of said arms, and in the process foment hundreds if not thousands of deaths. The headlines read: “U.S. Is Arms Bazaar for Mexican Cartels “. Can you say “Gun Control”? Unbelievably the article is still up here, even though we are now getting to the bottom of the real situation. A huge timeline that is fairly current can be found here.

This list could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that to get to my point. A more concise list  (I borrowed a couple) can be found here.

I ran into this “classical liberalism” idea and where it comes from recently and I think we could all use a good dose of classical education. See, these ideas have been taught throughout history, and really impressed upon people by the likes of Plato, and Aristotle in periods B.C. The ideas are skewed and for the most part omitted from modern day education systems. Only those who have completed a pre-ivy league acadamy (of which there are 8 in the US) before moving on to the likes of Harvard and Yale are privy to such education. Historically these ideas were the basis of a formal education, and not solely reserved for the elite among us.

The Seven Liberal Arts are the ideas that I speak of, and they are all necessary for systematic critical thinking. They are based on what is called the “Trivium” and “Quadrivium” , and are as follows:


1. Grammer

2. Logic

3. Rhetoric

4. Math

5. Geometry

6. Music

7. Cosmology

The Trivium I think at this point is what applies and is what I will focus on now. This is due to the fact that I am just now begining to understand these ideas and how to apply them to the media blitzkrieg with which we are assaulted daily. The most important thing I’ve gathered to this point is the necessity that these first 3 be carried out in their precise order, so as not to befuddle us with fallicies (of which there are 42 common formal varieties). If things are reasoned through without the order, what we end up with is neo-linguistic manipulation or more commonly called mind control. Without the order, fiction becomes fact, and what we are meant to take away from an argument is a lie. Once you begin to wrap you head around these ideas, the lies in today’s media becomes more and more apparent.

I’m sure all of this will be coming up in later posts, and I hope to correct some of my own fallacies over the course of time. I am after all getting started with the structure of all of this rather late. This stuff however is like a smorgasbord for my brain, and my pre-frontal cortex is salivating. So, I’m off to study. In the meantime, check it out for yourself at and keep a skeptical eye on the headlines, and the implications they are meant to have.