Almost 10 years later now, (hard for me to believe) we’re coming up on the anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This was the day that everything changed in America. This was the day that the Constitution, Bill of Rights and many of our cherished liberties began to erode. I was 2 days home from JFK airport in New York City, and returned there 2 weeks following this tragedy, to see with my own eyes the still billowing smoke cloud produced by the utter devastation of the World Trade Center. Since then, I’ve revisited, and endlessly studied the events of and leading up to that horrible day.

People when faced with the 9/11 truth movement inherently go into defense mode when confronted with facts about it. They are quick to dismiss fact, and most often immediately resort to ad hominem  attacks on whosoever dares question the “official” story. Conspiracy theorist, Kook, Crazy person. The truth is, what is crazy is believing in something without proof. Crazy is taking as gospel (pardon the pun) words based on lies, or standing in a position of ignorance and then vigorously and futilely defending it. Just watch Fox news for a bit and you will quickly see the art of destroying the arguer instead of the argument. This is all too common today, and it happens for one reason. Fear. Fear that if something is true, it will undermine everything we thought to be real, and people hate to be told when they are mistaken.

We’re fast approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and once more these “crazies” will be showing their facts en masse. There will be more evidence, more argument and unfortunately more demonizing ad hominem. What I ask is that if you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to open yourself to fact, do so this year. Find fact for yourself. Read. Listen. Discern. Come up with your own rationalization and reasoning.

When arguing about this subject over the course of 10 years, I have narrowed my argument to one question. “If the official story of 9/11 is true, then what happened to WTC 7?” It wasn’t hit by any airplane. The 47 story tall building (larger than most cities tallest) caught fire and collapsed in it’s own footprint. This was the first and last time in our history that a highrise steel framed building has ever collapsed from fire instead of intended demolition.

Ironically, and it’s really besides the point, the BBC had reported the collapse of this building 26 minutes in advance of the actual demise. There are many videos, but below the news anchor is confronted about this, and changes his story mid-interview.

The details about this situation are lengthy to say the least, but if you bother to read the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) reports of which it’s release was delayed a full 8 years, you will begin to notice the discrepancies.

A taste…..

NIST keeping thier WTC 7 model data secret……

For now listen to some experts as they disassemble this conundrum.

There is so much more info. For a broad and insinuating overview, just Youtube “Loose Change: Final Cut”. There are piles of books, groups, websites and further info on this historic day. Do yourself a favor and try to back your arguments with evidence, and maybe just maybe, you to will  begin to understand why it is that WTC 7 just won’t go away.