Finally, an honorable mention on the TV of Dr. Ron Paul.

Even though it has to happen on the Daily Show (of which I’m a huge fan btw….) it’s refreshing to see someone in the media call out whats been happening to Paul for the past 15 years. The establishment fears him because he would be the best candidate to begin to right the system, and the people who fear him do so because they would have to admit he’s right. Actually admitting you have a problem is the first step in solving it, ask any recovering addict. We just happen to be addicted to the Federal Reserve system, and unchecked spending by government and individuals.

I want to come back with more on Paul, so stay tuned. For now, have a laugh at this and see the truth in the fact that Ron Paul is routinely ignored and berated by the corporate media. Sorry about the quality.

It just aired last night, and this is the best full version I’ve found so far. Enjoy.

The direct link to the Daily Show HD version here.

P.S. Rick Santorum gets more recognition in the media clips than Paul. Just for a good laugh, go ahead and google “Santorum”. Now that’s funny.

PPS. Ron Paul has his Money Bomb fundraiser on his birthday, August 20th. Give. Make a move. You can do that here.