Just so we don’t take our eye off the ball here, let’s not forget the real issue with the economy, debt and this whole debacle.

The Federal Reserve, and some of the biggest banks in the world are STEALING us blind. This is why I support Ron Paul, the only person who has committed himself to fixing this corrupt and imminently self-destructing system that we are forced to live under.

If you are you are keen to reading up, I found a great article here.

It contains the chart below, which should put a nasty lookin’ face on our current state of affairs for ya.

Notice a pattern developing there right around the oh, say…..late 2001 era? Probably just a coincidence that WTC 7 happened to contain evidence on approximately three to four thousand SEC investigations. Anywho…………

Conversely, if you would rather just kick off your shoes and soak it up through osmosis check out the video below from an earlier post. Entertaining and  informative. Tasty. Enjoy.