BTW, Fox News couldn’t help themselves and went ahead and cut the Paul for Prez ad at the beginning if you noticed. Wouldn’t want people thinking about the dollar devaluation or their own liberties too much. Specifically his issues.

1. Stop the spending

2. Save the dollar

3. Create Jobs

4. Bring Peace

5. Restore Liberty

I gotta say, I’m a big fan of those things. (A more complete list here.)

The thing is that I trust this guy more than any of the rest.


Because he’s been saying the same things for years.

Because he doesn’t hesitate when questioned and answers honestly the questions he knows are unpopular without flinching.

Because when the president talks, everyone listens and this guy can do some educating and we need educating.

Because he understands the many parts in the Constitution that mention “THE PEOPLE” and that’s us folks.


They even hired some douche to make the ad look all like the Transformers, cool. BIG MOVIE VOICE! lol


One more time without the edit…