After a few days now of hearing of the “imminent” victory of the rebels to the Qaddafi regime in the north African nation of Libya, the fighting seems to rage on. Doesn’t it? What I see are hoards of yahoos with automatic weapons wasting alot of ammo on camera. Seriously, it seems that whenever the red light goes on, these jabronies pull up and fire off whatever seems to be handy; Ak’s, anti-aircraft weapons you name it. From what I can tell however, none of them seem to be shooting at anything in particular which brings me to my point.

Obviously we have a huge group of untrained idiots running around over there who now control the country’s stockpile of weapons including approximately 20-30,000 shoulder fired SA-7 surface to air missles. Oh did I mention the raw yellowcake uranium?

So we have these guys…..

In control of this…..

…and 5-900 metric tons of this……

….not to mention various small arms, anti-tank weaponry, mines, explosives and various chemical weapons including mustard gas.


This ones easy.

Now regardless of whether Obama said this “transition” would take “days, not weeks.”, we now have a perfectly good reason to put boots on the ground. I mean, what kind of mad man would let these guys run around with all that ordinance? “Peace keepers” must carry their blue helmets into action immediately the media chorus will sing.

Oh and by the way, now there is an unchecked source of these munitions if some near future terrorist attack were to take place. I can just imagine the bankers already cracking their knuckles at the prospect of this setup.

Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi is obviously not a good guy (btw, where has he gone?) but at least he had a padlock on all this stuff, and last I checked wasn’t using it on anyone. These uprisings are happening at the hand of NATO and the western allies. Can anyone please tell me what our interest in this nation is? Only 2% of the worlds oil supply comes from there (though it is highly refineable light sweet crude) and most of that goes to Europe.

The fact is Qaddafi has been trying for awhile now unsuccessfully, to create an African union of nations. Seems to be just another consolidation of nation-states  in this march to global empire. Are we knocking over another piece on the “Grand Chessboard”? Well, we have to knock it off. If you have forgotten, we are a little short on cash here in the states, and I don’t really want to take a job making bombs to kill brown people.

The US foots 75% of the bill in the 28 nation North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and  has already authorized 3/4 of a billion dollars to this debacle. All this amid talk of cutting pensions, raising retirement age, slashing Social Security and Medicare.


Will we never learn?