Maybe it’s the weeks and months ahead that have my mind awash in anger, revolt, and resistance. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 has already started a deluge of propaganda designed to brainwash the masses, and I can see directly in front of me in all of the media the disingenuous ideology being sprayed onto us like raw sewage. I’ll keep it brief with a few quick points, and then some links to some info that may sway you to the truth of the division being created here. The next few weeks will make these things more and more apparent to me, and hopefully others as well. Something is happening in this country, and slowly more and more people are beginning to understand.

1. War.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan and soon (you’ll see) Syria, Iran. These are all part of a preconceived plan by many political and corporate elites at our expense and our family’s lives.

2. Monetary destabilization.

The central banks are engaged in all out economic war with the US and the western world meant to destroy our currency,  system of government and way of life.

3. Police State.

People and military across our nation are gradually being acclimated to the idea that “terror” once reserved for brown folks in the middle east now comes from within, and are being conditioned to accept this new reality and even foment it.

4. Destruction of the Constitution of The United States of America, and all out attack on it’s ideas.

Everywhere the system is attacking the fundamental rights we as Americans have been given by “our creator” and the Bill of Rights, while simultaneously tearing down the checks and balances put in place by our founders to preserve those rights.

5. Prestidigitation.

All the while, the people are being distracted from these things by mindless entertainment, lousy role models, a hijacked culture and crumbling economy forcing the average person to struggle to provide for their families leaving no time to act on the threat against us.

On September 11 2011, Mayor Bloomberg and the city of New York will hold a ceremony to remember the attacks of ten years ago, and the first responders who heroically headed into the rubble to save lives (and now 7 years later give theirs) are not invited. Absolutely abhorrent.


It seems however as I said before, that the apathy may be nearing an end. In more than one podcast, news article and website I have heard rumblings.

It led me to this……

It’s not yet big enough. Tell people. Link to these pages. Spread the knowledge and awareness. Wake them up.

Go America.