Two points here.

1. If you have to result to getting physical, then you’ve already lost the argument.

2. The media just refuse to give Mr. Paul his just deserves.


1. Perry manhandles the 76 year old Paul in the picture above taken during one of the commercial breaks, obviously not happy with the arguments directed to him in the previous round.

Pictures taken during a commercial break in last night’s GOP debate at the Reagan Presidential Library document how Texas Governor Rick Perry attempted to physically intimidate Congressman Ron Paul, prompting Paul’s security to intervene.

Another photo shows Perry with arms outstretched, leaning in towards Paul engaging in what may be considered lively conversation to say the least. Some Paul supporters have suggested that the shot shows that Perry physically forced Paul away from his own podium during the commercial.

What an idiot prick.

2. MSNBC ignores it’s own poll showing Paul winning the debate by a landslide by only offering up passing analysis during the post debate show. Also, Mike Adams has pointed out the ridiculous psyce warfare made apparent in their graphic of the poll.

Everyone else’s  bar seems to be proportionate, while R.P.’s is way out of whack relative to his winning margin. Come on, he had much more than 3 times the votes as Romney, his next runner up. The damn line should be across the page, but that wouldn’t look right to the mainstream zombies.

The more the media ignore what is happening in front of the whole country, the more they will put the nails in the coffins for these other teleprompter robo-candidates. Keep it up MSNBC, seal the deal.

A personal note:

I don’t agree with everything that Paul says or believes, but I do think he’s genuine and that is sooooooo refreshing. Some would say his ideas for bringing us into a political stone age are radical and I would agree. Radical is exactly what we need at this point. Radical makes people pay attention, and that’s something I think we need now. Even Ron Paul can’t change the world over night, but it’s about time to get things swinging in the right direction.