In an effort to show exactly where these ideas of mine come from, I’ve decided to keep a running tab of places I’m getting my current info. The object here is to just post what it is I’ve been reading, listening to, or watching.

It probably will come as no surprise that I don’t spend alot of time watching Dancing with the Stars or Jersey Whores. So, let me get right to it.

Listen: The Corbett Report episode 199– 35 Reasons to question the official 911 story. No Agenda – Sunday 9-11-11

Reading:Propaganda” by Edward Bernays

Watched: Michael Moore – Capitalism: A Love Story, RestRepo, Food Matters, Collapse. (Just got Netflix, I’m hooked.)

News: Feds attempt to seize Camp Zoe. This last one has me sooooo pissed off. Read all the news articles they have posted.

Open your mind and educate yourself.

(Bell rings)

Off to class with ya!