Apparently it’s been too long between posts. The hits are dropping like flies. Makes me wonder just how many of you are bots…..anywayz….

This workin nights thing is startin’ to get to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to be workin’ solid but I have to ask myself sometimes if it’s worth it. Missed Carters’ scout meeting tonight, and don’t really have too much opportunity to talk to well, anyone. Anyone save for “Blacky”, which I must say is one of the cooler laborers I’ve worked with in awhile. Blacky plays in a band. A country/rock band. A country/rock band that plays out every Friday and Saturday. The point is we have plenty in common.

Good guy that Blacky.

When I’m not cuttin’ up with him, I’m listening to my trusty MP3 player. This is what’s been on there……

Always have to catch the No Agenda Show.

A.J. had Lord Monktin on calling out Al Gore as a completely discredited nincompoop (in his words, can’t believe spellcheck let that one slide), and they both resoundingly call him out for the whorish corporate propagandist that he seems to be.

Most of my time however has gone back to the realm of fiction with that old friend of mine, Steven King.

Mom would be proud.

The ol’ lady has recently takin’ a likin’ to the audiobook format, and has once again brought my mind into that terrible quiver with “The Long Walk”.

At first I thought I would bore of it, and then like a clockwork King brought me face to face with the sheer abominable horror within his characters. Suddenly I once again feel that kinship with them and I subconsciously am rooting for them to somehow pull through their terrorizing predicament. Judging from past King novels, this hope may be in vain…….we’ll see.

Anyway, for those who give two shits, that’s what I’ve been doing whilst taping/painting, and wishin’ I could play my drum kit more.

Keep reading, learning, and every once in awhile stepping aside from it all and living.

Until next time…………………….