Ah it’s as American as baseball, apple pie and ….cavity searches????

Not sure whether there will be apple pie at the first game of the World Series here in STL, but it seems we may have 2 out of 3……….

Major League Baseball is warning fans to come early for Game 1 of the World Series because of increased security — and not to bring anything they can’t bring on an airplane.

Fans will face the same security regulations they face when they fly; MLB is adopting TSA restrictions for the game (check out www.tsa.gov for a full list of what’s not allowed).

“Fans entering the ballpark will be required to pass through security, which will cause delays in getting to their seats,” MLB wrote in a statement.


A search at the TSA reveals that no one entering Busch stadium will be allowed to bring in “meat cleavers”, “spear guns”, or “snow globes”.

“Spear guns” was in the sporting goods section of the site, along with “baseball bats”. That last one may make things a bit difficult at the World Series.

Also on the list were “sabres”, “compressed air guns” (awwwww…..t-shirt gun guy!), “realistic replicas of explosives”, “kubatons” (what the hell is a kubaton?), and “gel shoe-inserts”.

Most definitely not ‘gellin’.

I understand the Obama’s may be in attendance so there should likely be snipers as well!

Good wholesome family fun. Everyone should thoroughly enjoy their $8 hot dogs and complimentary groping. Ah…..baseball.

You’d think it would make for some angry birds…….