Why is it that people continue to believe the lies that are told to them?

I hear these people who actually do want to contribute to the conversation merely parroting what they have been programed with, and part of me understands this though I don’ t condone it. People repeat others’ politics, to feel as though they are part of a team. To maintain some team spirit if you will, which is how a lot of us have been raised. It is unfortunate, because the “collective” will never progress, never innovate, and never move beyond a stagnant and ignorant holding pattern. Moreover it can be dangerous, for those propagating the message and those on the other side of the argument.

I saw recently an 80 year old woman who got herself (on purpose I must say) caught up in the the OWS movement in NYC and got pepper sprayed this past weekend. She stated something that really struck a chord with me. She said “..always take one step outside of your comfort zone.” I thought it was complete genius. If we were all to just get to the point where we were comfortable and never moved beyond that, nothing would ever get done. Creativity, ingenuity, innovation, and progress all come with that next step. We have to train ourselves to continue taking that step forward up the hill, for if we don’t we will forever be camped on the slope never to witness the grandiose of the peak.

The key in all this is individuality.

We must retake our individual thought processes, ideologies, and principals if we are ever to begin to make positive change in the world.

(Another great quote:”Be the change you wish to see in the world”)

The politicians and talking heads so many look to, to lead us out of this craziness we live with, at this point are not the answer. We have to begin to speak to each other about issues with intelligence and respect to move forward. Repeating fallible ideas and regurgitating mundane and often erroneous talking points are the exact mechanisms that those in power  use to control our thought process and keep us intellectually stagnant.

The politicians and pundits on TV already know this. Most were taught from an early age how to manipulate and control us through speech and language. If we keep looking to them to solve our problems, we have already lost the fight.

I was told early in life that classic joke……..

“How do you know if a politician is lying?” ………”Their lips are moving!”

Yet the same people who know this gag all too well, still rely on the ideas of those very politicians to save the day.

The ideas you see my friends, are coming from the wrong place.