Busy week with Turkey day and all, so the posts have been thin.

An update to what I’ve been watching/reading, listening to……

As always, I’ve been getting my dose from Dvorak and Curry @ No Agenda. Good Thanksgiving show (#359) breaking down the holiday’s origins……here.

Into the 3rd hour of interview with John Taylor Gatto. This is a brilliant man. That’s here.

James Corbett is doing a lot of work these days. Check out his site here.

Listened to the eye opener that is “The Big Short”, a revealing insight to what happened on Wall Street just before the financial debacle circa 2008.

Still plugging away at the monster tome “Tragedy and Hope – A History of the World In Our Time” by Carrol Quigley.

Netflix still has me hooked.

I saw:

The Beautiful Truth“, an inspiring look at the Gerson Therepy as it applies to cancer treatment.

Also in the same vein, “Burzynski” about a biochemist who challenged the FDA to begin clinical trials of a groundbreaking cancer treatment, and how it fought him ruthlessly.

Ingredients” is a good look at the growing local food movement, and the effects of industrial agriculture on our health and environment.

I hope these recommendations help enlarge your understanding of this twisted place we live in, and maybe help us to make some changes for the better.

Enjoy, and thanks for the feedback, it really makes this worth it for me.