No, it’s not my new eighties era personal robot.

Today In My Media. That’s what it stands for, and I’ve created the acronym for your sake, as well as my own.

I find it easier to remember ideas in detail once I’ve written them down and seeing as it’s 2011 an I’ve nearly completely forgotten how to write, I will be typing it.

Really, try it. When was the last time you wrote anything more than a check, or a Christmas card. Just sayin’.


Anyway, today I listened to a brilliant guy I’ve grown accustomed to hearing named James Corbett. You may have heard mention of this cat in a previous post of mine, if you’ve been following along. Mr. Corbett is the progenitor of the Corbett Report, and has recently created the Corbett Report Radio show which can be heard in Dallas TX, on AM and other fine markets as well I’m sure. For the rest of his prolific media empire see the link bar to the right…………>

His integrity with me is not in question. No, why I bring it up today is because Mr. Corbett has done what many a podcaster has failed to accomplish. That is to  create a sum expose’ and concise mission statement for the listener. To compile an ideal jumping off point for the uninitiated audience. He has accomplished this with episode #1 of Corbett Radio.


Well played Mr. Corbett, well played indeed.

Have a listen, here.

James Corbett of "The Corbett Report"