With everything that has been going on lately, and more and more people seeming to put their heads deep into the sand to avoid facing the horrid truth of our current reality, I was going to play shock jock tonight.

I was going to go on about the build up in the middle east among the world superpowers, the martial law being imposed on Americans here at home through outrageous legislation, and the general quickening that seems to be happening around us, and really honestly just try to strike fear into people with some sobering fact. Honestly, I know that “shock and awe” is not my best tactic, but at some point it just becomes frustrating when people choose to ignore the facts.

Turns out I don’t have to just yet, because my time is short and others have been doin’ this full time. Hence I give you first AJ, then Mr. Ron Paul. I urge you not to blow off these things and look at the evidence yourself. Use google for God’s sake, while we still can. Educate yourselves.