The ridiculous thing about these bills is that they don’t even address the Russian and Chinese pirates who account for the largest group of bootleggers (trust me, I’ve lived in Jersey). It also will not stop anyone from going to the piratebay for movies/music.

Every time the MPAA/RIAA tries to put these “protections” in place, they only end up making legal consumers of their content (which is mostly crap these days) jump through hoops. At times they even break the software (or worse, your pc) altogether.

Face it, this legislation is designed for one thing, and that’s creating a “big brother” system that will allow them to stifle any political dissent that doesn’t fall in line with the current propaganda. It is an outright assault on the 1st amendment, and if we continue to allow such laws to pass, we will wake up one day and realize that we no longer have any rights.

Let your politicians know now, that they are employed to represent the will of the people, not only big hollywood mega-corps. and that failure to do so literally means they will be replaced.

Contact your US Representatives here.

Contact your Senators here.

If we wait around for things to get better and do nothing, we have no right to complain about any of this and we deserve whatever they do to us.

Make your voice heard, together we can create change.