For my buddy Rick:

I’ve added below a documentary that should be watched at least once by every American. Be they left, right, conservative or liberal what we share is a flag and many virtues and I’m sure we can all agree that we wish to conserve our way of life.

The established media has created a left/right paradigm in this country that forces our populace into a continued argument of inconsequential issues that distracts the public from a hidden agenda of a ruling elite that wants control over a one world government. This is no longer hidden or denied by the people responsible, it is just assumed by those powers that what they contrive is too much for the public to grasp and in most cases they are right. People don’t concentrate on history, or the real facts of the present any more. They attack our country and our liberty in plain sight, and there are far too many who continue to ignore the fact that we are under assault from this group of international bankers and barons of industry.

This film is by no means the total story, but may serve as a primer for the big picture. Hopefully this sparks interest in my friend, and anyone else who may not have looked into these issues. Maybe a new path of truth seeking may begin with another, and further the public mind with history and fact instead of Dancing with The Stars and Jersey Shore. So get comfortable and enjoy the show. By the way, don’t just trust it. Fact check it all. Find out for yourself where the truth lies, and make up your own mind.

On the right are links to some alternative news outlets that I frequent, and are the source of some very inspiring material. Note to my current readers the addition of Stefan Molyneux and his show “Free Domain Radio”. Some very deep and informative theory and philosophy mixed with current events. Really where I started listening to podcasts.

So enjoy and I’ll be back soon with some more current news and mind blowing info.

PS  To Rick: Good working with ya. Nice to have someone to converse with and delve into issues. Even if we disagree on some points, its refreshing to have someone around who doesn’t just stick their heads in the sand when confronted with intelligent debate. Keep youtubin’ brother.

Now without delay, Alex Jones’ “The Obama Deception”