Anthony C. Sutton 1925-2002

So, I’ve been working on this drawn out post for awhile, and sorry to say it’s still not ready. Work and new baby makes for little time to write these days. However I’ve got some things to keep you occupied for a bit if you’re in the mood for reading and/or listening.

Been listening to quite a bit of Peace Revolution and James Corbett lately. There’s some really good stuff in P.R. #’s 60 and 61, and James is still hammerin’ it out at the Corbett Report. I’ve also just delved into Gary Allens’ “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, which is a short book that is just packed full of great information about all the juice on the real modern history.


What caught my eye tonight was what I found after lookin’ at the wiki for Anthony C. Sutton.

Tony was  a researcher for the Hoover institute back in the day who had his career come to an abrupt halt over works he had published that made the powers that be none too happy.

Specifically, he exposed how Wall street, US corporations and the US taxpayer funded the Bolshevik revolution in Russia along with their industrial revolution which produced the weapons of war that we spent the next 50 years fighting a “cold war” against. They also indirectly armed both sides of the Korean war, and subsequently the Viet Cong during the quagmire that was the Vietnam war through Soviet armament.  The same elite financial barons also propped up and funded Hitlers’ regime prior to and during world war II.

(An interesting side note of more recent history shows that Prescott Bush, father of our 41st President also had a hand in the Nazi empire! Also, Hitler was Time magazines’ man of the year in 1938. Funny huh? Actually, it’s not. )

The fact that none of this is taught to us in our high school history classes is no mistake. The same powers that control the economies of the world have their influence firmly planted in our nations public school system, though that is a huge subject for another post. Amazingly, none of this is very secret. I suppose people just choose not to see things hidden in plain sight. If you are not one of them and feel an urge to educate yourself, I vehemently suggest you look into Mr. Suttons’ works. You can find complete open source versions complete with footnotes and appendices of a few below. More are linked to in his Wikipedia page.

Knowledge is power my friends, and the pen is truly mightier than the sword. Happy reading, and until next time… cool to one another.

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution -1974

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler – 1976

Wall Street and FDR – 1976

Wiki for Anthony C. Sutton

I couldn’t help myself. Actual ’38 cover.