Scannin’ through the Roku channels last night and came across this guy…..Chris Toney from Kentucky, and his channel . Now I must point out the fact that I checked this out because of the titles striking similarity to No Agenda Show. Thought it may be a “piggy back” on AC/JCD’s success, and I think I was right. Definitely not the most polished presentation but it isn’t too bad and neither is the production. When comparing it to what the great production looks like at say Fox news, and comparing it with the info they provide, this show was an absolutely watchable tradeoff. I’ll take a little less polish and more info any day, even if there is a bit of shock and awe going on here. So props to and their small team, below are the first two vids I watched. Enjoy.

Here Chris expounds upon the recent news and growth in structure and power of the Department of Homeland Security

Next, he shows how there is no important difference between the two upcoming presidential candidates, and that both are bad for our country and we’ve been given no real choice.

And the rest of their vids here……