Blatantly Republican propo, but disgusting nonetheless…..

This here should make you think…..Congress prepares for mass casualties…

Unbelievable corruption from one of our US capitol congresswomen. Blago here in IL got put away for less than this….Elenor Holmes solicits businessman….

And so as not to lean too far against that party, here is the Romney 47% video, for what its worth….

Transcript of the exploited part….

Romney: There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what. And I mean, the president starts off with 48, 49, 48—he starts off with a huge number. These are people who pay no income tax. Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn’t connect. And he’ll be out there talking about tax cuts for the rich. I mean that’s what they sell every four years. And so my job is not to worry about those people—I’ll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.

The rest of the video can be found at Mother Jones here.

My advice is this: Don’t forget that we have many more choices than D or R in November.

I’m goin’ with Gary Johnson, the libertarian candidate. You can check out his stuff here.

There are many more choices such as the Independents, Constitutionalists, Green party, Socialist party, to name a few.

Don’t let the controlled media dictate your choices.

Think for yourself.