Do you know that there are more than Democrats and Republicans running for President of the United States of America in 2012?

Among your alternative choices are:

Libertarian Party
Green Party
Americans Elect
Constitution Party
Justice Party
American Independent Party
Peace and Freedom Party
Reform Party USA
America’s Party
Objectivist Party
Socialist Workers Party
Socialist Party USA
American Third Position Party
Grassroots Party
Socialist Equality Party
Boston Tea Party
Freedom Socialist Party
Modern Whig Party
Prohibition Party

It’s no accident that you have not heard much about these different parties. At this point in our nations history, the D’s and the R’s are merging to become one and the same. Notice that when one party takes power following the opposites departure, none of the previous legislation is removed or repealed. The Republicans don’t overturn Roe v Wade, and the Dems don’t stop the corruption. It’s like signin’ up for  a kick-my-own-ass competition.

The result in all this arguing over headlines is the utter and complete lack of awareness of the point. And that point is that the mass audience has lost it’s bearing on reality due to the fact that pop media has erased it’s ability to think critically.

Biden won the debate. Oh yeah, how? Who is keeping score?

Get your Obama sign, my neighbor says and then can not tell me one thing he has done for him since being in office. He says he’s just inherited problems from Bush (which is true, but not just from Bush). He can’t argue a reason for executive orders or killing American citizens abroad , and how they can be legal or moral. He can’t talk  about the NDAA 2012 that the POTUS signed on December 31st, New Years Eve. The legislation that took “innocent until proven guilty” and turned it on it’s head while everyone was doing what we do on that night. No mention of Libya and the slain sovereign ruler that was assassinated on this POTUS’s watch with the help of known Al -Qaeda soldiers or that Hillary fomented the Egyptian uprising with the help of  Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Romney thinks that guy Obama is for the “ticks and leeches”, now here’s some pix of the vice pres-nom workin’ out. Forget that his primary role in the economy was investing directly into business with Bain Captial , that was expanding their margins by outsourcing American jobs overseas, cutting jobs to bolster the bottom line then cashing in on the margins. Forget that while he was a director of the Damon Corp the company was defrauding Medicare of millions. Why would he want to report his 11% tax on his millions, of which many are hidden in offshore accounts away from the US tax system? His party likely would have set fire to Teheran and it’s people 18 months ago if they could have to bolster the M.I.C. and subsequently their collective bottom lines.

George Bush Jr. (R) is a war criminal, and Bill Clinton (D) is responsible for outsourcing jobs to the tune of 700000 with NAFTA (just a drop in the bucket for this one…)

You’re getting screwed from both directions.

We live in 2012, so use the computer for something other than bills or facebook. Utilize the internet. Facts are easier to come by now than ever in human history. Check them, and then make your decision.

Why do you want to vote for X for president? Are those reasons valid? “I just like him”, or “I don’t like the other guy” are stupid reasons and you know it. What have they done/not done? How far can you carry a conversation about facts without lashing out at the other nominee?

If the answer is not long, then you haven’t done enough homework.