After that last post I have to admit, I’ve been wanting to comment for some time now.

First of all, let it be known that I am an Alex Jones listener. Now some of the more educated of you may instantly blow that off as a negative point against me, but hear me out. AJ is not the only thing I listen to, however I have to give him a lot of credit for concentrating my consciousness on research and generally waking me up to a great many things. That said, I am fully aware that he is just as much of a dramatic spinster as the worst at fox news or any of the rest of the MSM. Now where we may disagree is to what degree of effect that has on the listening/watching public.

The previous post from Piers Morgan tonight showing the interview with AJ struck me at first as I’m sure it did many of you. Completely outrageous. My first instinct was to think that he had done the patriot movement a disservice. I though he looked to damned crazy to be honest, and then I realized why it is I still to this day tolerate and understand his rants. He is outrageous for the same reasons that kept me listening all of those years ago.

You see, if you have never heard this man rant before you would be struck with the equivalent of a sledgehammer the first time you heard it. At first you are overwhelmed, then curious, and finally you begin to question his sentiment. This is the genius of Alex Jones. I believe he is fully aware of his audacity, and uses it to wake the sleeping sheeple. At this point in time, a spot on national TV with many viewers’ eyeballs watching I believe he may have hit a home run. People who were otherwise completely asleep to the politics of 2013 were harshly reminded that there are patriots with urgent conviction very much alive and moving in this once great nation of ours. He is not alone. I am not alone. We are aware, and we are vigilantly watching the transformation of our country. We recognize the treasonous usurpation of our precious  republic, and shall not stand idly by as out nation and it’s principals are gutted from within.

I posted those videos only to witness the blatant hypocrisy that was to follow. Please watch this next video….

That first one has been removed, go figure. Here it is again, “Piers Morgan guests call for shooting Alex Jones”

Now what you have just seen is the height of hypocrisy.

These people who proclaim their desire for a disarmament of the American people out of one side of their mouths, in the same breath are openly THREATENING MURDER on national TV and getting away with it. This is not a joke. It is not amusing. If AJ or anyone else in the talk circuit were to utter anything close to what happened there, heads would roll.

Buzz Bissinger of the Daily Beast made a clear innuendo of killing Alex Jones, and was joined in LAUGHTER by Piers and the other panelists.

Abby Huntsmen (daughter of former presidential candidate Jon Huntsmen Jr.) proceeded to say and I quote…….

“I’d love to see that! In uniform!”…….followed by Piers Morgan……”I’ll borrow my brothers uniform. ”

Now just think about that for a moment.

These people are justifying their comments by clarifying “in uniform”.

This shows their thoughts that the “state” can commit murder and somehow that makes it alright. The ideology here is the same as those brown-shirts in Nazi Germany. I’m not merely taking a cheap poke at these EVIL people, the ideology is THE SAME. They are STATE-ist fucking goons!!!

This country was founded on the idea of PERSONAL freedom, liberty and responsibility. These people are the unabashed antithesis of these ideas. They think that if they take these positions that they are somehow part of the “state” and therefore ABOVE the rest of us. They believe that they ARE the authority. They are brainwashed idiots who have no sense of history whatsoever, care nothing for the public despite their socialist out cryings and  very obviously show this with such demeanor and lack of empathy. They are psychopaths and I fear not saying it.

If these people think that they have control of us I have just four words for them.