My day off.

Awake at 4 am to the wifey, comin’ to bed with the baby after crashin’ on the couch with neck cramps. Ahhh, slip back to sleep….NOPE! Arise little boy only to be calmed by coming to bed with mom and dad. Then boom, he’s back asleep. Magic.

My eyes are wide open and it’s 430am. I’m hungry.

Downstairs to fire up the stove and it’s scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, sausage cut up and some awesome baby portabellos from last night. Twist it all up in a monster tortilla for a sweet breakfast with OJ.

Do I want to run out the door and open Home Depot? Nah. Read some long winded (yet very good..) article about the fact that social media, particularly twitter, is basically turning us all into socially inept cyber zombies. Good piece, you can read it over there to the right on my twittiot feed.

Kidz are up. Chloe doesn’t want to wear this or that. Carter reasonably calm. Baby still sleeping, amazing. Yell at the kids while simultaneously sending them out the door with a “have a good day!”.

Mmmm maybe a little nap.

3hrs, God I needed that.

10am. Up and at ’em. Move! Move! Move!

Out the door and to the new house.

Home depot and some furring strips and liquid nails.

Got the plumbing inspector on the phone, he’s coming tomorrow to let me seal this shit up.

Insulate the walls and fur them out.

Grab the board from the garage and hang the baby’s new drywall.

Quick break (no lunch) w/ the wifey and the (sleeping) baby boy, and finish up with the drywall.

Done. Next.

Truck in the garage, propped up. Change the oil.

Mower, propped up. Change the oil.

Gotta haul it back to the duplex……need to mow the grass there.

Better mow this first.

Mow this first.

Load up, head “home” (#1).

Unload the mower.

Grab some pizza (finally) and hang with the kidz while the wifey gets a chance at the shower.

Fill my teacup and head to STL

Side job.

Got 3 hrs of trim.

Done at 9.30pm

Time to be done.

6 pack and on my way.

Home to the ol’ lady sortin my old ass mail. Man what a pile.

All I want to do is write, not even tired…..

..and I’ve got 3 more beers.

What did you do today?