If I were President…..

I’d set big goals for America and try to achieve them.

I’d try to get people to think less of right and left and more about right and wrong.

I’d free the innocent and inconsequential and bring back the idea of treason and justice. People should fly our flag for more than ornament.

I’d educate the country on sound money.

I’d emphasize the ideas that started this experiment, freedom and liberty and justice for all.

I’d try to make more allies than adversaries.

I’d try to show people that technology can empower us not enslave us. It can be used for progress and enlightenment not just profit.

I’d let people understand that we can’t take care of the worlds’ peoples without taking care of our own first.

I’d lead by example.

I’d explain that greed does not make us more profitable.

I’d have us not in fear, but in confidence.