How naive to go through life assuming no responsibility. Responsibility to the future. The progeny. More specifically, …YOUR KIDS. How do you sleep at night knowing that you did nothing, while at the same time knowing full well what the hell was happening around you?  Poking your head in the sand like a frightened ostrich…….While your COUNTRY was being raped!

Your WAY OF LIFE was WON after hard fought battles to the death by our ancestors who have been recently and conveniently forgotten. These FREEDOMS were traded for the greatest gift an American could give for their country, …..their life.

Many stood for this sacred tribute of community and brotherhood and DIED to uphold it’s honor .

We still have a vote in this country, yet continuously  we are persuaded that we have no control over our politics. The trouble is that we have none. As a mass of slobbering workoholics, we just don’t have the time to DO SOMETHING!

It could be a little thing like posting a blog. That facebook thing that you just KNOW is going to piss people off…Get them thinking….

Making them respond in all their guttural, natural reaction.

Where’s your sign? Do you even  know the phone # or to your local representatives OR NOT?

Somethin CAN be friggin’ done here, and we’d have a better chance of picking random names out of  a phone book than we do with these YAHOOS ON CAPITOL HILL


Let’s try this shit again, from the top…Just like band practice……

Peace, or…….

Get the Fuck up off your ASS !


Uh, abrasive? Yeah I can do that……