Awhile back I sat for a week straight watching the madness in Ferguson, MO. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past six months, you’ve more than likely heard about the shooting of Mike Brown by the police in this St. Louis suburb. My astonishment came not from the shooting so much as this happens almost daily in this country. My issue was with the response.

Now don’t get me wrong, the death of any human being in my book is a tragedy, no matter what the circumstance. My problem is watching people blindly draw conclusions without all of the facts. This goes for both sides in this situation. I never drew conclusions of innocence or guilt by either party because

1. I wasn’t there.

2. The facts just were not made available.

The second point I believe is what has caused the problem. The police should have put forth all information that they had IMMEDIATELY, and in my opinion may have saved Ferguson from the ensuing chaos.

I know firsthand how the Saint Louis police cover for their own. I have been victim to their abuse and stared helplessly at the machine that protects them. I believe in law and order, but have a seething hatred of corrupt public officials. To me the abuse of public office is one of the worst crimes one can commit.

Having said that, my fervor in favor of the protesters waned after realizing that many of these people were using this incident as an excuse to lash out against a system that we all know is corrupt. While I can get behind that, I just wish we could have had a better poster child. A revolution shouldn’t be based on a farce.

It occurs to me that even if the Grand Jury comes out tomorrow and tells the public that officer Darren Wilson has been found to have committed no crimes, the masses in Ferguson will have another excuse to burn the city down.

This is wrong. The premise is right, but the situation is wrong. Most of these people are acting like lemmings, and will riot for just about anything.

If the protest is about corruption, trigger happy “roid” heads, the militarization of police, and abuse of power then I’m all in. If the people will not put up with tanks on their streets, teargas in their backyards or snipers aiming at their kids then watch me strap on my Guy Fawkes mask. If people are standing against a privileged and hugely bloated government that seems to stop at nothing to take away the peoples rights then, forward march!

However, if you find yourself screaming at, fighting with, or otherwise threatening a police officer on an otherwise peaceful afternoon; don’t be surprised if they defend themselves just like anyone else may.

Just please stop hash-tagging Mike Brown.  Let’s find a better martyr.