Show Me What Democracy Looks Like…….

This is what Democracy looks like.

It’s been the chant in Ferguson, MO for almost four months now and I can’t seem to understand how people still seem to miss the point here, so I’m going to try and line it out for everyone again. Often looking at the “media”, I find myself repeatedly hearing rhetoric such as this:

“Spreading Democracy and Freedom”

“Not how we operate in a Democracy”

“Democratic ideals”

“We live in a Democracy”

None of these statements should have any bearing on a conversation about the United States of America. The statements have no validity in such because in America, we DO NOT live under a government system that can be defined as democracy. At best our government is not truly democratic but a representative democracy, or democratic republic.

Now I know how that word “republic” leaves a dirty taste in your mouth but hear me out. A direct democracy would look nothing like what we have under the constitution of this great nation. What we have is a repubilc or if you will: a democratic republic. This is because we do not participate in a direct democracy of the people, but in fact our government is constituted of elected representatives of the people. This was created by our founders because democracy just isn’t that fair. You may have heard it described as “…two wolves and a sheep voting on whats for dinner.” Maybe you haven’t, but that is essentially the idea. In direct democracy, majority rules and that’s BAD. It’s bad for a number of reasons but as far as I can tell, the founders created this government to prevent exactly that scenario. They didn’t want more populous states to have an unfair influence on the united federal government over the less populous ones.

To simplify this a bit, lets look at that previous statement. “Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.” Obviously it doesn’t look too good for the sheep under direct democracy. It doesn’t change if we’re talking about race or political ideology. To harshly speak everyone’s language (don’t fool yourself, we all think about it) lets put this in blatant terms of black and white.

If we use the US census data from 2012 the voting electorate seems to shake out like this…….

Ethnic voter pie chart

As you can see, white Americans constitute the overwhelming majority of the voting public.

Now how would that work out on a direct action pure democratic ballot initiative such as the gratuitous one I’ve created below?


A recent study has shown that there is only enough money in the states’ budget to grant a permanent pay raise of $10 per hour to one group below.

Please Choose One.

  • White workers

  • Black workers

How do you think this ends up under a direct vote. Any 5th grader can tell you whites are going to wind up with the pay raise. Is that fair? Is that equality? No, hell no. So this is why we don’t do it that way. The east coast of the US has a far greater population of blacks than does the west coast. However the other 3/4 of the country’s voters are white. They elect representatives to make their voices heard in the greater congress. This is achieved by splitting the lawmaking branch of the government into two groups the Senate and the House of Representatives, thus giving states both a common (EVERY state has two senators) and representative (of population) voice in the decisions. This is how you equalize the unequal.

So, next time you catch yourself chanting about democracy please keep this in mind:

It only works out for you, if you’re not a sheep.

two wolves and a sheep_thumb[6]