I saw this video when it broke months back (minus the news report at the end…). I’m as disgusted today just like I was that day (maybe more today after the announcement…). The differences between this death and that of Mike Brown are striking. This man was not attacking the police, they were attacking him. It is very obvious. Where was the Miranda warning? When did the officer/s offer a charge for a crime. The cop came from behind.  I couldn’t hear what was being said, but I didn’t hear a clear arrest. The evidence from this Grand Jury should be interesting. Did none of these cops have a Taser to bring  this guy down? Shit, that may have given him a heart attack, but he would have had a better chance. Choke hold at the bottom of a monkey pile, what a disgrace.

The New York city PD should be a shining example as the eyes of the country and the world, are constantly on it. They are not. Quite the opposite.  I’ve seen these guys in action firsthand. Yeah, there are plenty of good cops, and they should stand up and tell US, the people they supposedly work for the truth. They should be the first to roll over when someone is not up to keeping the oath, especially if they wiped their ass with it along time ago. I’ll be impressed with these good cops when they man up and fill their twitter full of the truth about the bastards they know are running a crooked shop. Be men. American men.

None of this shit is a joke and it happens all over the country. The prison industrial complex has created an army of unaccountable robots to feed its insatiable lust.

Just fucking disgusting.