I forget sometimes that most other people don’t really get this, and are stuck on the record player, parroting inanities about something they really know next to nothing about.

I speak of course of global warming. More specifically anthropogenic global warming (read: man-made), or climate change or whatever their having us call it this week.

The reason that we can’t buy certain light bulbs anymore, cow farts are regulated, and basically the whole economy as we know it is being forcibly altered.

All of our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is according to Al Gore and his cabal is supposedly creating a greenhouse effect and one day soon is gonna kill us all!

You’ve heard it, over and over again how the 97% of scientists agree that man is irreparably damaging mother earth and if you don’t agree with them, you must be a DENIER!

Some have gone as far as threatening jail time for these dissenting opinions under criminal negligence laws! Wow. So much for the first amendment huh ya red bastards?

Well lets just see here who this 97% is made up of.

I’ll let Adam and John of “No Agenda” lay it out here in a brief clip about the whole situation.

So 97% of less than one third of scientists agree you see? That is a minority.

The documentation can be found here. Tab “shownotes/Agenda 21/”

Warming yes, but you think our little ‘ol selves are the ones responsible?

You think man can compete with this being belched into the atmosphere on a regular basis?

Please. Watch this…

At any given time, there are about 20 of these baby’s going off worldwide. See here.

Oh and let’s not forget this ……

Earth-Compared-To-Sun-Size-1Also, I’d like to note that carbon dioxide makes up a whopping 0.0397% of the earths atmosphere. That’s 4% of 1% of the total, and without it there would be no life here.

So it turns out according to this information that this AGW stuff may in fact be some extravagant ruse. Go figure. Hard to walk away from the tale when there’s so much cash laying on the table…….

I think if you have the time, you’ll find these guys quite credible scientists. They have a lot to say about all of this for sure.

ThE GrEaT GlObAl WaRmInG SwInDlE

I’ll have to be diligent about seeing that this last vid stays up. You see it tends to disappear from the ‘tube a lot.