giphy-3Wow, this article is a gem….

All the key words are there, catastrophic, apocalyptic, doom…….ugh. It makes me throw up in my mouth a bit just reading it. The comments below are hilarious.

Btw – ancient mystics have always said our age will end with ‘air’, just like the previous one ended with ‘water’ (Ice age, floods etc).

Geesh, these are the idiots who are arguing this subject. Please.

This comes from Reuters no less. What an authority.

Here is the reason behind all of this bunk: it’s called Agenda 21 and it’s the UN’s plan to create a global totalitarian state, where freedom is a word that will be either misconstrued, or forgotten completely.

Have a nice day…..

(PS, I heard audio of this, and cut was the weird new age intro thingy, so try to look past that and focus on the interview. )

Link to the UN website here.