Prime time is soooooo not ready for these headlines. The common paradigm is utterly destroyed at the contemplation of these ideas. The average Joe on the street upon hearing this take on current events would immediately panic; head for the nearest den of fantasy football / facepage thought vacation (not before swingin’ through McDonald’s) proceed to furiously ignore reality, and resume the process of accelerating his own thoughtless, useless demise.

Once upon a time, we all looked at the stars, and a lot of us wondered how we were gonna get there. Today, most pretend like their not even out there………………

The thought that a one world “government” has already materialized, has firmly sunk it’s thirsty fangs into the conciseness of the population makes me nearly sick. It is so fucking obvious to see how they manipulate people with the endless waves of bullshit rhetoric that I can hardly bring myself to speak about it. Everything is controlled. You know what…..? Never mind. Move along nothing to see here. That’s the easy way out. Ya know what? Turn off the internet and read a book that wasn’t written by Steven King some time. The truth really is stranger than fiction.

Try Tragedy and Hope by Carol Quigley.

How about America’s Nazi Secret by John Loftus.

The history of the CIA, FBI, the Bush family, the Clinton family.

Learn how our money really works…….

President Eisenhower’s warning about the “military industrial complex” ( It was just an infant of what it is now! )

Study anything about WWII, Vietnam, Iraq the first time, 9-11, Iraq the second time, Afghanistan, Libya, Georgia, Crimea, Iran, fuck everything that were told about “foreign entanglements” …..for more than five minutes and you will see what I’m talking about.

Yeah I write in run on sentences, and I never proofread this shit, or plan it for that matter. The fact is, I’ve got a wife, three kids, two jobs, a band and more and there just is not enough time.

Someday I just need to pick one and delve into it I guess.

Until then I’ll just keep puttin’ stuff like this up, because I have vetted it over years. These two are legit.  There’s plenty of random shit to go around the internet and I’ll try to not spread the crap. That said, I will inadvertently do so and there will be the useless funny pumpkin and/or stupid cat video because I am after all… only human.


Now, on with the short 17:46 min video I’ve been referencing here.

It is “New World Next Week” with James Corbett and James Evan Pilato ;

Bombing Al CIAda, Globalist Goals, Shooting Police


What a title……


Below a detailed reference to all  the stories discussed in the video…..gotta love their journalistic due diligence!

Story #1: US Complains As Russia Bombs Its Terrorists
Russians Strike Targets in Syria, But Not ISIS Areas
The Real “Blowback” in Syria
Deploy the Pedophiles! More Than 30k New UN Peacekeepers To Be Added by 50 Countries
Putin’s UN Syria Show Pushes Moscow Back to Center Stage
BBC Suggests Nuclear Destruction of Russia Might Be Needed
New Patch for US Troops Fighting ISIS Looks Like ISIS Logo
Saudi Arabia Threatens Syria With Military Action
Saudi Arabia Will “Be-Heading” Key Human Rights Panel
Soros Group ‘White Helmets’ Busted Recycling Syrian Propaganda Images
Kremlin Threatens Response to U.S. Nuclear Bomb Deployment in Germany

Story #2: UN Launches “2030 Agenda” Blueprint For A United World
UN Wants To Censor Internet To Save Feminists’ Feelings
“Cyber Violence Against Women And Girls: A Global Wake-up Call”

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek – Indiana Passes Law To Legalize Shooting Police
Styrofoam-Eating Mealworms Might Help Reduce Plastic Waste
Jade Helm Ends Without Martial Law Or Texas Takeover
2014 The Least Violent Year in Decades
Oregon Becomes Third US State To Allow Recreational Marijuana Sales

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Drug Enforcement Agents Fail Drug Tests
Canadian Military Explored Plan to Fully Integrate Forces With US
Hey, That CIA Agent Everyone Loves Is On Twitter Now!

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