plummet.jpgHard to imagine this whole time I’ve forgot to mention Zero Hedge. Maybe one of the sites I check almost daily. So, I’ll add it to the list at the right. For all the discombobulated ramblings I put in here, a common theme through a lot of it can be my focus on the “imminent” demise of our economy. It’s in quotes because it’s been happening for about 8 years now. Whether it’s the dow being down almost 2000 points to start 2016 or the fact that the precious metals markets are beginning to behave like the hedge they are against fiat currency instead of commodities (copper/steel etc.), the tremors are looking alot like 2006/07……The problem is that we never fixed the problems that led to that blood letting, and in fact they are exponentially worse. 20 trillion dollars is a number that doesn’t even really exist in real value. That’s the number that this country alone is indebted and we haven’t even began to touch on the shadow banking balances. The greedy assholes on Wall street have sold us up the river to purchase another super-yacht. The dollar is dead folks, and we are in for one hell of a ride. The bombs are already falling, they just haven’t landed in our back yards yet……..Have a nice day.