I have never witnessed such divisive rhetoric in all of our political history. This race really just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Full disclosure: I voted for Rand Paul in the primary, because IMHO he was the only one on either stage actually talking about REAL BIG ISSUES.

Debt, Monetary policy, the quagmire in the middle east, NSA spying and the destruction of our constitutional rights. Nation-building, crooked tax code and corruption at the highest levels.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, it should.

Rand Paul is a nationalist who believes in the constitution and  loves his country, which is why I believe he chose to serve it. Unfortunately for Rand (and his dad…) his classical patriotic values are not enough to feed the prime-time monster of modern media advertising.

Arguments don’t matter much in a world where your Dr. Who hairstyle and serious dissection of the pertinent issues can’t sell ads and don’t shock people; which brings us to October.

In 21 days, IMHO , the American people will have to make a very simple choice.

Nationalism or globalism.

That’s really it to me.

I have no illusions about the fact that there is a global elite cabal of crony-capitalist oligarchs who are hell bent on controlling the entire globe.

Capitalism for them, Fabian-Socialism for us. Technocrats who wish to engineer our society so completely, that they feel that they have “righted all wrongs by all people” the planet over….forever. Utter control of all social inputs and outputs so as to create a manipulated and controlled mass of ….well…..livestock. People who are wholly convinced they are smarter than us “plebes” and who know what is best for us and everyone else.

These people are insane, psychopathic sociopaths who in a recently popular term are “irredeemable”. IMHO.

To site all the evidence of this would take me on the order of about 15 years.

So…….a cursory glance at the two major candidates and their stance on  these specific issues will tell you how I will base my decision.

Open borders, wider regulation, higher taxes, more giveaways, bailouts, TPP, TTIP, CAFTA, domestic spying, NATO, Nationbuilding, Corporate subsidies, Safe spaces, gender neutral politics (wtf ever that means…!!), secret laws, hidden doctrines, clandestine treaties, misdirection, obfuscation, and outright lies.

Well that seems to be the status-quo and I’m fuckin’ sick of it.

Pretty well the opposite is where I stand. I’ve never had to register a party before this year and I did so with that same disgusting taste in my mouth. I am no historical fan of the GOP.

Neo-con is a term that I’ve despised for a very long time.

Someone put it pretty clear to me today, and against my ingrained rebellious attitude toward the whole thing it rang a bell.

If you needed a life saving surgery which would you choose?

  1. The top surgeon in the country with an impeccable record who had a nasty personality that you really didn’t like…..or…….
  2. The surgeon with a great attitude and personality that had a horrible record and high mortality rate.

We are flat lining as far as I can tell as a nation, and on the precipice of a global new order that will soon foment economic collapse and swoop in with their plan to save us all from ourselves (See: Hegelian Dialectic ).

My flag matters to me for what it represents.

Sacrifice, honor, family, individualism, and freedom.

I want Americans to be stronger together, but not at the barrel of a gun.

I want Americans to be all they can be, and it is great.

I’m a nationalist and I love what our flag represents.

I want to make America great again……..