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Down with Narcisism


Wow, a sane senator.

And here I thought they were all extinct. Good treatise Mr. Sasse.

Real News….


Corbett Think Pic

Click the pic for the video! That’s what the little red arrow circle means if you just crawled out of 1999……


The Corbett Report does it again. Wow, critical thinking is almost gone at this point. Watch James explain why this false dichotomy happens over and over again. Oh, no they’re censoring us! Save us please!!!!Fuck, Joogle, Facebag, Twits r us and the rest. We don’t need them. There are literally hundreds of undisovered alternatives, and more being created all the time. We don’ t have to submit to them. They want everyones mail to be opened so that it can be regulated. You can’t ban me from email unless you admit that you are monitoring it! No more than we can be banned from using the US postal service (which by the way is a privately run organization!) for the content of our letters. Are we the only one who can see the obvious sneak attack on the 4th ammendment?

The Hegelian Dialectic means this. Problem-Reaction-Solution.

It is used over and over because it works every time. God we’re dumb.

The Federal Reserve crafted its own charter to cheers as they professed their (feigned) opposition to it.

Imaginary weapons of mass destruction convinced us of a second prompted invasion of Iraq after a previous false flag convinced us of the first (incubator babies).

The National Defense Authorization act laid waste to our rights in light of the 9/11 bogeyman.

Obvious corruption forced us away from the Bushes and into hope for change that became a fabian-socialist wildfire.

As we speak, loose monetary policy is forcing us into a fiscal quagmire that can only be salvaged by the cocksuckers who have all the money and orchestrated it in the first place so they can ride in on their society saving global currency reset. Guess who will run that.

The big tech companies welcome our admission that we must change them instead of ourselves, thereby cementing our vassalage.

Oh I need another post for this but……Daily Motion, Vimeo, Bitchute, Dtube, Peertube, Vevo, IGTV, The Open Video Project, 9GAG, Veoh, Metacafe, The Internet Archive Video section……………..Fuck the Gootube……

Don’t bother trying to change them, change yourself….like he says.


For a more detailed video of exactly what is going on here, click on this link to go to Dtube.

Happy surfing.


The Purge







I haven’t had time for this shit lately, but I’m still watching the circus. It’s nice to see transparency in media more and more these days. I couldn’t help but spread this one somewhat…..

Balls. Big righteous balls.

Where I found this article….here.

Relevant video here.

PJW right again.

Nick Freitas, good job.



Oh, the logic.

You see, that last one drives home the point. We are being presented a false argument.

Gun control.


The idea is monopoly of power, the very reason that the second amendment was created. If we are to be honest about the argument, then we can see it is between people who want a government monopoly of power and those who do not. The same people who are screaming about police abuses of power want to give those same government officials full power over defenseless sheep. I support the men and women of law enforcement being fully aware that they have to ask themselves every time they make an arrest ..”Is this person armed?”.

Now imagine how many more doors might get kicked in when patriotic liberty driven defenders of  law and order are replaced with overpaid brainwashed bureaucrats who no longer fear a public who is capable of defending itself.

Imagine the tweaking junkie armed with a knife that now doesn’t have to worry about the rich looking woman walking down the street being armed against his larger size or the bands of gangsters now unafraid to approach the ranch to confiscate and kill at their leisure.

Imagine endless boatloads of foreign marines storming the shores of a disarmed nation who’s bills they grew tired of paying and just decided it was more economical to seize.

Imagine a government bureaucracy so drunk on control and power that it is fearless to capture and dispose of large swaths of population because it has a difference in politics.

The weak hope to be dutifully defended by a righteous and powerful entity.

There is no superman, and big governments only get bigger.

Bigger governments get ruthless.

Ask Mao, Stalin and Hitler how many school children were taken from us under their “righteous” regimes.

Ask Kim Jong Un if his minions are fearful when they are sent to round up the dissidents.

Ask yourself if you trust that the relatively few bad cops in those youtube videos wouldn’t swell to armies in the coming decades against your children who dissent when you are too old and helpless to defend them yourself.

Culture is the problem.

Dishonest propaganda and lack of true debate are the problem.

Memes and emotion getting in the way of critical thinking are the problem.

Communism has killed more than any terrorist, mass shooter or nut job in history.

Millions of men, women and children.

Freedom and Liberty are the answer. Education and open honest debate are the answer.

Common Sense has become uncommon.

Life has been devalued, and if we are to change any of this we have to start with the values that have been driven from our society and ask ourselves….why?