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Susan Rice Trump

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Rice, National Security Adviser under President Obama. Guilty, IMHO.

Ifnothingelsepleasedontreadonuntilyouclickright………..Here is a concise portrayal of the events thus far.


Red. Handed.

“Incidentally capture…” give me a break.

This is the Argument: “I don’t care who watches because I have nothing to hide.”

This argument is a resounding…….Fail.

It is nothing more than Political propaganda.

They spy on any political candidate, and you.

Call the insurance companies. His rates just went up.

We have a fourth amendment for a reason.

It is un-elected, shadow government bullshit.

Cernovich is right. The truth will set you free.



Happy today has come and no catastrophe has emerged just yet. Donald J. Trump it seems is now our president, and apparently is hard at work. I hope he has kept the red phone close to him as I’m reminded of the dismal predicament our former president has left us in.

Oh dear snowflake,

Does it never occur to you that your savior Hillary, was just as savage a destroyer as you’ve imagined our new POTUS may be. You fear for our safety under new management while the past eight years have been overseen by a leader who does this……..?

So at that time, in 2008, Ron Paul became the steady voice of the non-interventionist movement even as much of the anti-Bush “peace movement” faded into silence hoping that Obama would live up to his Nobel Peace Prize billing. Instead, Obama bombed his way through his final year in the White House as he did the preceding seven years: he dropped an average of three bombs per hour in 2016. That’s three per hour, each 24 hours, each 52 weeks, each 12 months. With some admirable exceptions, the Left side of the peace movement went into hibernation for eight years. *

That’s cited here. * 26,172 bombs. Wow. Do the math.

The CFR if you don’t know, pretty well controls everything.

Let me get this straight:

  • You think Trump is racist.
  • You think he’s ugly, orange and stupid looking.
  • You think he’s a Russian agent.
  • You think he’s a rich guy who wants to screw the working man.
  • You think (without thinking) that he will get us in war and destroy us all.

I could go on and on….but let me just hit these few.

  • 43% of Trump’s workforce are women, but a majority of his executive positions are held by women. The director of the Eric Trump foundation is a black woman, who is also assistant to Eirc, Ivanka and Donald trump Jr. His national campaign spokesperson Katrina Patterson, …black. Not to belittle the fact that he gave $25,000 to a majority black women’s basketball club, $10,000 to a black bus driver who saved a suicidal woman and saved the Harlem Hoops after it’s tournament directer died in the 9/11 attacks; but Barbara Res at 33 years old became the first woman to ever be put in charge of supervising the construction of a skyscraper, working for Donald J. Trump. Let’s not forget that his wife, Melania is a legal immigrant.
  • Rand Paul took more shit for his hair, and had several better ideas. Case closed jackass. If your mommy didn’t teach you…..don’t judge a book by it’s cover, idiot.
  • The FBI themselves said that “…no evidence has emerged that would link him or anyone else in his business or political circle directly to Russia…” His former campaign manager a target of a probe said ” that the accusations were baseless and purely partisan because of his policy views on Russia.” He used the issue to his advantage “quoting” Putin when it was to his advantage (He thinks I’m great, thinks I’m a genius..) The crap that 4chan put out about hookers wetting the bed for blackmail to scam the CIA was just priceless.
  • He’s only been saying this whole time that he wants to bring back jobs. He is in construction. Do you know how many working men it takes to build a skyscraper? He’d rather barbecue with a bunch of roughnecks then go to the inauguration gala thing ok? Though he’s right at home at either. He’s employed more blood sweat and tears than your average fortune 500.
  • If he were really to get us in a war that would destroy us all, then the only other country on earth that could pose that quagmire is Russia. So which is it? Aligning us against the Russians (like Hillary, Obama and the rest of the controlling elite have been doing for 4 years….) or is he secretly overtaking our democracy while being remotely controlled from Moscow. C’mon now, think it through. Do you even listen to the words that come out of his mouth? I guess the biggest point is this: How on earth do you justify fear of a warmongering president, when you’ve had one for the past 16 years, and the woman you thought would save us all, has been right in the middle of it for 30 years.

It’s very simple as I see it. Make America Great. Put America first. Build ourselves instead of taking over the world. Peace and fair trade. Raise up all Americans, and defend them. It’s not a complicated prescription. Stop letting the machine think for you.

It’s late and I’m outta time to edit or check this anymore…….but hopefully I’ve made some points. Think for yourself. G’nite.



As always Mark Dice shows the obvious mental retardation of the mainstream thinking, or lack thereof. You would think that after being caught lying (or misleading, or spreading misinformation, or propagandizing….) so many times that the conglomerates would just give it up. People don’t want to hear your shit, and they don’t want to buy it anymore either. Programming. Meh.

Fake News

Again: we’re supposed to be working ourselves all into a tizzy about this “Russian Hacking” without anyone presenting one single shred of actual evidence. Let’s see the logs. What are the patterns? Top Secret? You think Russia doesn’t know what we’re looking for in the code? Bullshit. There is no evidence, as usual. If there were, it would be on the front page of every globalist newspaper. Sore. Losers. Quite possibly injured, cornered dogs…which is a bit scarier. Let’s not forget……Obama said this……

So we’re just supposed to take it on faith that the Russians had “intent” of electing Trump when they have had dealings with the Clinton foundation (not with Trump) and what was released would have been just as damning if released by a 13 year old in mom’s basement (as it were). People see right through this farce, and it’s hilarious that now every media institution that is not run by the  CFR and Tri-Lateral commission is now labled “fake news” and is being attacked by everyone including CNN, MSNBC, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here’s Paul Joseph Watson with his usual well versed tirade on the matter.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…..and I feel fine.





I have never witnessed such divisive rhetoric in all of our political history. This race really just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Full disclosure: I voted for Rand Paul in the primary, because IMHO he was the only one on either stage actually talking about REAL BIG ISSUES.

Debt, Monetary policy, the quagmire in the middle east, NSA spying and the destruction of our constitutional rights. Nation-building, crooked tax code and corruption at the highest levels.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, it should.

Rand Paul is a nationalist who believes in the constitution and  loves his country, which is why I believe he chose to serve it. Unfortunately for Rand (and his dad…) his classical patriotic values are not enough to feed the prime-time monster of modern media advertising.

Arguments don’t matter much in a world where your Dr. Who hairstyle and serious dissection of the pertinent issues can’t sell ads and don’t shock people; which brings us to October.

In 21 days, IMHO , the American people will have to make a very simple choice.

Nationalism or globalism.

That’s really it to me.

I have no illusions about the fact that there is a global elite cabal of crony-capitalist oligarchs who are hell bent on controlling the entire globe.

Capitalism for them, Fabian-Socialism for us. Technocrats who wish to engineer our society so completely, that they feel that they have “righted all wrongs by all people” the planet over….forever. Utter control of all social inputs and outputs so as to create a manipulated and controlled mass of ….well…..livestock. People who are wholly convinced they are smarter than us “plebes” and who know what is best for us and everyone else.

These people are insane, psychopathic sociopaths who in a recently popular term are “irredeemable”. IMHO.

To site all the evidence of this would take me on the order of about 15 years.

So…….a cursory glance at the two major candidates and their stance on  these specific issues will tell you how I will base my decision.

Open borders, wider regulation, higher taxes, more giveaways, bailouts, TPP, TTIP, CAFTA, domestic spying, NATO, Nationbuilding, Corporate subsidies, Safe spaces, gender neutral politics (wtf ever that means…!!), secret laws, hidden doctrines, clandestine treaties, misdirection, obfuscation, and outright lies.

Well that seems to be the status-quo and I’m fuckin’ sick of it.

Pretty well the opposite is where I stand. I’ve never had to register a party before this year and I did so with that same disgusting taste in my mouth. I am no historical fan of the GOP.

Neo-con is a term that I’ve despised for a very long time.

Someone put it pretty clear to me today, and against my ingrained rebellious attitude toward the whole thing it rang a bell.

If you needed a life saving surgery which would you choose?

  1. The top surgeon in the country with an impeccable record who had a nasty personality that you really didn’t like…..or…….
  2. The surgeon with a great attitude and personality that had a horrible record and high mortality rate.

We are flat lining as far as I can tell as a nation, and on the precipice of a global new order that will soon foment economic collapse and swoop in with their plan to save us all from ourselves (See: Hegelian Dialectic ).

My flag matters to me for what it represents.

Sacrifice, honor, family, individualism, and freedom.

I want Americans to be stronger together, but not at the barrel of a gun.

I want Americans to be all they can be, and it is great.

I’m a nationalist and I love what our flag represents.

I want to make America great again……..