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15 years later….

by James Corbett
September 11, 2016

15 years. 15 long years, unfolding with the inevitability of a horror film.


The Department of Homeland Security.

The NSA panopticon.

The militarization of Police State USA.

The occupation of Afghanistan.

The ongoing war in Iraq.

The continuing disintegration of the Middle East in line with the neocon’s long-term plans.

All of this, and so much more, is all justified by the grandstanding politicians and their mouthpiece media by the events of 9/11, “the day that changed everything.”

9/11 is a blank check for the sociopaths to further the technocratic control grid and to wage war in whichever square of the chessboard they place their terrorist boogeymen. And there is only one way to cancel that check: 9/11 truth.

Yes, you know that 9/11 was not the work of 19 men with box cutters. But your friends and coworkers don’t. And maybe you can’t paint the picture for them yourself. But there are plenty of ways to help explain it to people.

Most people have erected a mental barrier to 9/11 truth. Here’s a sledgehammer with which to smash that barrier:

The 9/11 money trail…

Who was really behind the 9/11 attacks….

9/11 Suspects….

Because I can’t put it better or more succinctly, great thanks to James Corbett, Richard Grove, David Ray Griffin,  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, and the countless others who have spent over a decade researching the event that changed the country and the world.

Only 9/11 truth can truly stop the never-ending wars and the ever-encroaching police state of the post-9/11 world. Do your part in spreading the word. There is still much work left to be done.



Obama’s Operation Choke Point Is “Unbridled Abuse Of Executive Power, Completely Outside The Rule Of Law”

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Submitted by Jeremiah Johnson (nom de plume of retired Green Beret of the US Army Special Forces) via,

In an earlier article I touched on the withering attack on the 2nd Amendment that has subsided to a “dull throb” for the moment.  A large portion of that is “Operation Choke Point,” the regulatory “assault” instituted by the Federal Government to force the banking industry to deny services to industries, not on the basis of illegality, but incorrectness as judged by the administration.

This cabal is represented by the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, the Federal Reserve, and the FDIC under the “ringmaster” of the Department of Justice.  The aforementioned agencies have regulated the banking industry by using their positions as directed by the administration to sever businesses from their connections with the banks.  Specifically, the firearms industry, to include (in order) first firearms manufacturers, and the complementary industries that are synergistic with those manufacturers, namely ammunition manufacturers and accessory products for firearms.

The regulators mentioned have used their authority to browbeat the banks into submission and deny businesses in the firearms industry such things as lines of credit, as well as forcing the closure of business and purchasing accounts.  Any banks that refused to institute any of these measures against their clients then opened themselves up to inspections, scrutiny, examinations, and harassment from a regulatory perspective.  The “cover” phrase for the regulatory agencies: “To promote bank safety and soundness.”

“Reputation risk” is the term used by the regulating industries, in essence, to blackball the banks by stating their clients (in this case businesses involved in the firearms industry) were increasing risk for the banks and that the banks themselves were absorbing “negative publicity.”  The regulators insisted they had an obligation to “protect” the banking industry overall by eliminating the potential for the absorption of bad publicity by one of its members due to negativity associated with that third party.  In essence, guilt by association, and in this case guilt not by a court of law as a verdict for a crime, but a bureaucratic regulator operating at the behest of the Obama administration, making its own restrictive “laws” to inhibit legal businesses.

These procedures completely subvert rule of law.  The reputation risk concept enables these regulators to force financial institutions to close any account and cease business with any business they deem to be either “improper” or “unsavory.”  This is a method to deny the businesses the financial support structure they are dependent upon to conduct their affairs and eventually to force the businesses to close.  If the bank refuses to turn on the client, then the bureaucracies will attack the bank and punish it.

Some of the largest targeted sectors are pawn shops, tobacco outlets, gun dealers, and check-cashing services.  There are reasons these businesses are listed as “unsavory.”

The pawn shops do not allow for complete accountability on what is sold and what is purchased for the government to track.


Tobacco outlets are along lines of the recent “politically correct” attacks on smokers and the attempt to stamp out smoking in general.


Check cashing services usually enable people to cash their paychecks at a usurious rate regarding the fee; however, it allows for the circulation of cash in the hands of those who do not possess a bank account.


Gun dealers: the reason is self-explanatory.

All of this is about control and dominion, the erosion of personal freedoms, and the move toward totalitarian suppression of all liberties and complete monitoring over any and all activities of the average citizen.

All of these agencies have exceeded the authority granted to them under normal banking rules and regulations.  Rather than taking care of the individual depositor and the business, they are forcing the paradigm of the administration’s platform and squelching individual liberties.  It is an unbridled, unchecked abuse of Executive power, operating completely outside of the rule of law and answering only to the President.

One of the biggest problems underlying all of this is precedent.  Once precedent is established, it is a great deal harder to enforce the law on the lawbreakers, and additionally they can use their modus operandi in other areas and expand their power and control.  The American Revolution was a dream that happened once.  In Egypt they ousted Morsi, arrested or killed the Muslim Brotherhood, and took their Constitution and their country back.  Won’t happen here until people realize exactly how far down the road we are and what we have lost.  We’ve broken faith with God and with one another, and the country is in such shambles that it may not ever rise again.

The patriot

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” -Mark Twain

Baby Blue

It just came to my attention that Universal has released an album of the late Jeff Healeys’ lost tracks called ” Heal My Soul”. A song called “Baby Blue” is on that album, and it wasn’t written by Healey. While I’m a fan, Universal has jumped the shark on this one. The song was written by Tim Beattie. I’m not sure of the exact year it was written, but it was well prior to 2010 when some friends and I played a number of gigs  with Tim and played this song many times! So, I’ve posted the video released by Universal on Youtube at the end of March 2016 and the original version below. Listen for yourself…….



Someone should make a phone call Tim should be credited for this…….

The Tiny Dot


I would rather live in a dangerous freedom, than a safe slavery.


It strikes me as so intellectually disingenuous when presented with an idea that seems too overwhelming to argue, that many people just resolve to ad hominem attacks.

Just because someone points out a difference in culture between races, notes that we are not all grey robots and are not all the same; today they are automatically racist. Just because someone speaks of the truth of the situation does not make this so. Congruently, just because people point out these differences doesn’t infer that they hate those differences. Some people do. To further that idea: Just because someone doesn’t like the behavior of a certain individual, does not condemn a whole race of people who can be as various in their traits and culture as any other race. Racist is when someone is judged solely on the color of their skin or the origin of their culture as a blanket policy of belief about that group as a whole.

Having said that, let me expand. Just because a person does not agree with the behavior of an individual not of their own race, also does not make them racist. For example: In the territory of New Guinea, Indonesia there resides a tribe called the Kowani. They are one of the few remaining groups in the world who still believe in and actively practice cannibalism. They have their hokey religious reasons for this but I still find it animalistic,  backward and horrific. Culture or no, this to me is unacceptable. Just because they think it’s OK, doesn’t mean that I have to. In my book, it’s murder and these pieces of shit should not exist. They also happen to be dark skinned. Am I racist? No. I realize that the individuals in this group of black animals do not represent the nature of dark skinned people as a whole. Anyone who would accuse me of that is just well….a moron.


“If I don’t agree with you, and accept every goddamned lifestyle under the sun happily and without disagreement, I am automatically a Nazi”

Any attempt made today at “nationalism” is construed to be like the Nazis. First of all, Hitler was the very definition of racist. He was in fact a national SOCIALIST. If you went against the fatherland, then you were killed. This is slightly different than what we are talking about today.

Look, if you have a club and you really want to join, then you assume that there will be certain rules and behaviors that you would have to comply with to be associated with said club. If they just let anyone in and their membership was all over the place with their ideology, then the whole notion of the club is moot. What’s the point of organizing?

This is what’s happening here. This country was founded on a very simple set of ideas and laws. Free as it was meant to be, citizenship required adherence to a set of rules. People are tested on this knowledge.

One such rule is understanding the structure of government and at the top of the test you are asked what is the supreme law of the land. For those of you who never had to take the test I’ll give you the first one. It’s the constitution. It’s what every member of the government and military swear an oath to protect from enemies foreign and domestic. That part is important.

Next you are required to give up loyalty to other countries. Your responsibility is to the US flag alone. I’m not making this up, it’s on the test.

You have to recognize that the economic system in the US is (supposed to be) capitalist.

You have to understand why it was that we fought a revolutionary war against the British.

You have to understand which oceans border us, a rough location of some states and a number of other geographical incidences, but the big ones are above.

If you’ve entered into this country and have not understood this principle then you are not a citizen.

So here’s the deal. To say that nationalist means Nazi is just disingenuous. If there was no test for citizenship ….and there is….there would be no borders, no countries and no flags. While part of me thinks this could be a better thing ( I do tend to have Utopian dreams of a stateless society) I accept and cherish the fact that what we have here is possibly the closest attempt at a limited small state that we can hope for until the singularity happens….

So, if defending our borders, keeping a watchful eye out for those who would undermine these ideas, respecting the flag and standing for the Constitution makes you think I’m a Nazi, then I suggest you study up on your civics and take the test yourself. If you can’t pass it honestly then maybe you should try to create your own country, let everyone and anyone in and let me know how that works out for you.

The Kowani are hungry and they just got a one way ticket to ignoramus-land. Have fun with that fuck-tards.

Fuck your feelings…